Great Lakes Science Center
Great Lakes Science Center
Why is the sky blue? Anyone who’s ever had a kid, known a kid or been a kid has probably heard this question a million times. The Great Lakes Science Center tackles fact-of-life doozies like this…

Great Lakes Science Center

What’s it like to travel to space? Can you really create a mini tornado? How do MRI machines work? Great Lakes Science Center tackles these and other questions through hundreds of cool exhibits that make science, technology, engineering and math come alive for people of all ages

Create cloud rings out of water vapor; use your fingertips to make light dance; and see how 350,000 volts of static electricity can literally make your hair stand on end.

Like making things? Flex your mental muscles in the Cleveland Creates Zone as you design, tinker and invent your way through fun and challenging experiments. Construct a parachute, race a car down a track, launch a rocket, build a structure and create an illuminated sculpture.

Interested in biomedical technology? Explore the inside of a stomach with an endoscope, control a robotic arm and become a virtual doctor in the BioMedTech Gallery.

Go on a space adventure in the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and get an up-close look at the 1973 Skylab 3 Apollo Command module, examine a moon rock from Apollo 15 and see artifacts from John Glenn’s Friendship 7 mission.

Experience movie magic in the Cleveland Clinic DOME Theater surrounded by breathtaking images under a domed movie screen that soars six stories high.

Other attractions include the historic Steamship William G. Mather, a floating maritime museum, open from May through October. The Polymer Funhouse, designed for ages seven and under, is the place for little scientists climb, jump and play.

Traveling exhibitions, on view for a limited time, include Build It! Engineering fun, one brick at a time – presented by ArcelorMittal (February 4, 2017 – September 7, 2017).

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