Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns
Passionate? Yes. Understood? Absolutely not. Cleveland Browns fans are known as some of America’s most enthusiastic and loyal – no matter how the team performs on the field.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns fans are known as some of America's most enthusiastic and loyal - no matter how the team performs on the field.

Consider conducting field research by mingling with tailgaters who fill the municipal lot kitty-corner from FirstEnergy Stadium on game days. There, you'll find hundreds of early risers who have come to this location driving RVs, former school buses and other vehicles now fashioned into orange and brown "fanmobiles." After a cold beer and a game of cornhole, we have no doubt you'll catch the sense of pervasive optimism that reigns before the game.

Or, watch a game from the 73,000-seat stadium, and perhaps sit in or near the Dawg Pound bleacher section. There, you'll be joined by fans festooned in dog masks and orange wintertime apparel. Soon, you'll be woof-woof-woofing along with the crowd.

As one of the country's oldest football franchises, The Browns kicked off their first season in 1946. The early days were sweet. And, over the years, the team won eight league championships and sent 16 players into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

Former Browns owner Art Modell moved the franchise to Baltimore in 1996, leaving Cleveland without an NFL team for three years.

But they're back and the good news is that this has left locals with an awesome sense of gratitude for their beloved team.


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