Cedar Point Amusement Park
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Picture this. You’re standing in line for Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Amusement Park. You’re waiting to be shot into the sky at 120 miles an hour. What? Are you demented? The knot in your…

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Picture this. You're standing in line for Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point Amusement Park. You're waiting to be shot into the sky at 120 miles an hour. The knot in your stomach tells you to turn around NOW. But, seriously, don't do it. The impending rush, all 17 seconds of it, is worth it.

The Dragster is one of 17 roller coasters to jiggle your cheek fat at Cedar Point. Beyond heart-in-your-throat roller coasters, Cedar Point boasts a waterslide-filled waterpark, five resort properties, a Caribbean-themed indoor waterpark and an activity park with go-karts, mini golf and the like. It's basically every thrill-seekers dream-come-true.

Located on a peninsula just 60 minutes from downtown Cleveland, the park features Lake Erie views on three sides and 72 rides, including water attractions and children's areas.

Variety and superlatives - biggest, fastest, longest - keep visitors coming back. In 2015, Cedar Point premiered Rougarou, a dynamic roller coaster featuring floorless trains. In 2013, the park opened GateKeeper, a wing-style coaster that freaks out visitors coming through the park's front gates.

The park opened in 1870, when the beach was the main attraction, and is the second oldest in the country. Glimpses from those early days remain and include a carousel from 1912 and a 1906 coliseum building, now used for arcade games.

Then, as now, Cedar Point has helped generations find "Remember when?" tales of screaming fun, pre-teen flirting, and the dangerous mix of hot dogs, ice cream and centrifugal force.

The park is open daily May through Labor Day and on weekends through October.

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