A Christmas Story House

Fans of the holiday movie classic can channel the sweet, but not saccharine life of Ralphie and the Parker family at A Christmas Story House. Admire the leg lamp in the window. Hoist a (unloaded) Red Ryder BB gun. Grimace in a pink bunny suit.

Fans of A Christmas Story, whether long-timers since the film’s 1983 release or later converts thanks to marathon showings on TBS, should plan a visit to this attraction.

Though set in 1940s Indiana, many of the film’s scenes were shot in Cleveland, including exterior views of the house in Tremont and the crotchety Santa scenes at Higbee’s department store, now a casino.

An entrepreneur (and A Christmas Story fan) from San Diego bought the house in 2004 and renovated it top to bottom to match scenes from the movie. He used profits from his business, which sells replicas of the movie’s iconic leg lamp, for the down payment.

The house opened to the public in 2006 and has since become a bit of a cottage industry. If you can’t find a nearby parking spot on the street, for example, neighbors will gladly rent you a space in their yard for a few bucks.

Two other homes across the street have been renovated into a gift shop and museum. The museum showcases behind-the-scenes photos and original props and costumes, including little bro Randy’s overstuffed snowsuit. Alas, there are no frozen poles to stick your tongue to. You’re on your own for that.



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