Mitchell's Ice Cream

May 12, 2017
Mitchell's Ice Cream

We all scream for it


When people think Cleveland, they probably don't think "ice cream," but, thanks to Mitchell's, it's time they start. Mitchell's was founded in 1999 by brothers and lifetime Clevelanders Pete and Mike Mitchell. They thought it would be fun to work together, exploring their passion for handcrafted frozen treats--and the Cleveland area is better because of it.

Walking into a Mitchell's shop, you're welcomed by friendly faces in a bright, inviting atmosphere complete with the heavenly smell of freshly made waffle cones. You may have to wait a few minutes to get your cone (it's a popular place…) but when you dive into your Pralines & Cream, Carmel Sea Salt or Dark Roast Coffee flavored treat, you'll realize it was worth it.

All of their ice cream is kosher, and they offer vegan flavors, non-dairy sorbet and takeaway cakes and pies for celebrations. If you're a traditionalist, try their spot-on Banana Split or a classic Tin Roof Sundae.

Fresh, local and sustainable
Mitchell's is passionate not just about their product and their city but also for finding wholesome ingredients and caring for the environment. They work with local dairy, fruit and nut farmers to provide ingredients without hormones and antibiotics. When buying their coffees, chocolates and tropical fruits, Mitchell's works with growers dedicated to sustainable products. As soon as ingredients arrive, they are made into fresh flavors of ice cream one small batch at a time.

In the 18 years since Mitchell's was started, they've opened eight ice cream shops across Cleveland's east and west sides, with the jewel of these locations being their massive kitchen on W. 25th St. in Ohio City. There, not only can you enjoy more than 20 different scratch-made flavors, but you can also take a tasting tour for less than $4 per person, where you'll see how the ice cream is made while enjoying samples.

Giving back
Mitchell's truly is a uniquely Cleveland ice cream shop. They give back through donations and charity work with foundations like the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, Hospice of The Western Reserve, Cleveland Program scholarships and many more. They are routinely asked if they will ship their ice cream out of the state or expand outside of Cleveland, but Mitchell's politely declines, stating they are, "happiest to keep Mitchell's a local Cleveland ice cream company."

That just means that Mitchell's is a can't-miss stop during your visit to Northeast Ohio.

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