Flats Festival of the Arts

July 25, 2018

East Bank of the Flats Hosts Summer Event


What has quickly become one of the most popular summertime Cleveland events is returning for its third year - The Flats Festival of the Arts. The free event happens Aug. 18-19 in Downtown Cleveland's Flats East Bank district.

It's hard to imagine that just a few years ago this area was home to a handful of vacant buildings and the remnants of Cleveland's industrial past. That's because today it's one of the hottest places in town with a series of swanky new residences, chic cocktail bars, craft breweries, unique local eateries and a swath of outdoor patios along the sparkling Cuyahoga River.

That setting comes alive during the Flats Festival of the Arts when hundreds of artists - from painters to woodcarvers - converge on the area in brilliant, white outdoor tents to display and sell their artwork. Find everything from a $15 piece of handmade jewelry to a $1,000 original sculpture. And do it all while eating, drinking and jamming to live music.

On top of all that, on Aug. 18, the popular SPARX City Hop will coincide with the Flats Festival of the Arts. SPARX is a unique art hop that uses trolleys to transport participants to Cleveland's most interesting arts neighborhoods throughout Cleveland. The art hop will have a stop within the festival's footprint.

To learn more about the Flats Festival of the Arts, click here.

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