Fall in The Land

September 11, 2018

Put. Down. The. PSL.


For a lot of people, fall means pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking and hayrides. To others, all of that sounds about as enjoyable as listening to a Nickelback album on repeat ... for three straight months.

Fall in The Land means we hit that sweet spot in the weather - that perfect middle point between flip flops at Indians games and parkas at Browns games. Truly one of the best times of the year to visit the Cleveland region, the average season temp is around 60 degrees with the most vivid fall colors in mid-October.

Here are four more reasons to visit Cleveland this fall ...

4. Autumn Events

Image Courtesy Cleveland Cavaliers

Fall in Cleveland means the potential for all three of our professional sports teams to be playing (fingers crossed for the Tribe!). On top of that, the Cleveland Monsters, our American League Hockey affiliate, faces off. So, there's a lot happening around town. It's also the same time of year that we celebrate Cleveland Beer Week and Bacon Fest (you're welcome). So, plan your getaway around these happenings.

3. Hiking

Image © Cody York

After a fall weekend in CLE, which likely consists of football watching, bar hopping and clam baking, your body will be in dire need of three important remedies: (1) water, (2) ibuprofen and (3) exercise. While, you're on your own for the first two, Cleveland has a host of fresh-air cardio options by way of hiking trails. >Check out five of our favorites here.

2. The Browns

Image Courtesy Cleveland Browns

The best part of fall is football. There. We said it.  And, if you know anything about Cleveland, you know that it's home to some of the most passionate fans in the world. So regardless of whether you're partying at the Muni Lot or in the Dawg Pound, Browns games can get pretty rowdy. >Here's how to do it like a Clevelander.

1. Fall Beer

Image Courtesy Platform Brewing Co.

We're not going to say that all you should do during your fall visit to CLE is drink great beer - we're also not saying that you shouldn't either. Truth is, enjoying the craft beer scene is basically an added perk to just about every component of your visit - whether you're sipping one at a Browns tailgate or inside an actual brewery.  Check out some of the fall editions churning out of Cleveland's brew scene.

Make No Mistake

The only thing burning here is our love of Cleveland. Have you planned your CLE getaway yet? Now's the time to get started. Click to learn more.

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