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A guy named Moses Cleaveland, a surveyor from Connecticut, ventured west along Lake Erie many years ago and eventually landed in a forested area with the Cuyahoga River on one side and Lake Erie on another. He thought, “Yes, this would make a great place for a city!” And so, in 1796, Cleveland was officially born. (The “a” disappeared later.)

These days, Cleveland is considered part of the Midwest, as well as what many refer to as the “Great Lakes Region.”

The city rose to prominence thanks to a booming steel industry and manufacturing that benefited from Cleveland’s location to major waterways. Many of those who reaped the financial rewards of Cleveland’s stance as an industry powerhouse built beautiful homes and shared their largesse with area museums and cultural institutions, setting them up for long-term success.

While the steel and manufacturing industries still exist to some extent in Cleveland, the area has undergone an incredible revival. The new economic powerhouses include health care and academics, with major hospital systems, universities and related businesses.

Add to that, the region is currently boasting more than $17 billion in capital developments -- $2.7 billion of which is tourism related.

Just under 400,000 people live in the city of Cleveland proper, spread over 78 square miles. And, nearly 2.1 million live in the metropolitan area.

Many make Cleveland home because they were raised here. Others have come for work or the relatively low cost of living and quality of life, including breezy commute times and a diverse population.

We’re big-time sports fans (football, baseball and basketball). We love our massive lake and our thousands of acres of parkland. And, while we’ve known it the whole time, we’re tickled that Cleveland is now receiving national accolades for its incredible food scene thanks to a mix of traditional, ethnic and trendy restaurants.

We’re proud of our music scene, from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Severance Hall, where the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra plays, to the many indie concert venues around town.

And, we love you, the visitor! Don’t be surprised if a local hears an accent and wants to know all about you. We’re a friendly bunch and we adore this city. Learn more about today’s Cleveland by researching our city information online or by asking around. We’re glad you’re here.

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