Downtown Cleveland Alliance – Clean & Safe Ambassadors

Adorned in hard-to-miss gold or blue shirts, Downtown Cleveland Alliance Clean & Safe Ambassadors walk the streets of downtown Cleveland seven days a week, nearly 24 hours a day. They provide a number of services like powerwashing sidewalks to helping visitors with directions.

Safety Ambassadors – some walking and some on bikes – patrol downtown while carrying two-way radios to reach a scheduled Peace Officer, who is an off-duty Cleveland Police officer providing supplementary security. The Peace Officer on duty patrols in a marked vehicle as a very visible presence to promote safety, and can issue citations or make arrests if necessary.

So, why should a visitor care?

Can’t find your hotel? Clean & Safe Ambassadors are all trained to help with information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, events, conventions, and parking locations and costs.

Feeling a little nervous about walking by yourself? Call 216.621.6000 and a safety ambassador will be arranged to walk you to your next location.

Car break down and you’re stranded downtown? These ambassadors can help change a tire or stick around with you until the tow truck arrives.

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