Cuyahoga Valley National Park & Scenic Railroad
Cuyahoga Valley National Park & Scenic Railroad
Northeast Ohioans are pretty lucky. Between Cleveland and Akron sits a long stretch of public greenspace that many cities would kill for. That big, green stretch of wonderful is called the Cuyahoga…
Cleveland Metroparks
Cleveland Metroparks
Relax on a beach. Surf on the waves. Conquer paddle boarding. Hit the links on the golf course. All of this…in Cleveland?! We’re not surprised by your astonishment. But, this is for real, people.
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Down in a valley, multiple worlds away from downtown, sits the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. More than 3,000 animals live here, spread over 183 rolling, wooded acres. It’s a big place with a natural feel.
Lakefront Beach Parties
Lakefront Beach Parties
Edgewater Live Lakefront Beach Parties

Cleveland Outdoors

It’s summertime in Cleveland, which means hiking boots, beaches, food, festivals and sports with the backdrop of a warm sun and blue skies. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced fun or a chance to slow down and breathe deeply, there’s plenty to do outside in Cleveland.

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Edgewater Live 643 x 484
Edgewater Live Lakefront Beach Parties…
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The grass is greener in CLE with more than 300 different courses to choose from…
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We mean plants, animals, and wilderness parks (of course)…
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