The World's Largest Bar Crawl: Sexy Execs Cleveland 2018

  • September 01, 2018
    (10:00 AM - 11:59 PM)
  • W. 6th St. & W. St. Clair Ave
  • Cleveland OH
  • Admission: $ ($0 - $25)
The World's Largest Bar Crawl: Sexy Execs Cleveland 2018

This summer we're attempting to set a New Guinness World Record while dressed to impress. The theme of the crawl is "The Sexy Execs" theme (a more modern less sexist spin-off of the old "Execs and Sexy Secs" themes of the 90's and early 2000's), so expected dress is business casual or better. All Participants will receive a Concierge Card sponsored by participating Made4Dates Destinations, A FREE Fitting by Diamond's Men's Store's custom tailor, and inclusion in Made4Dates' "Going For Guinness" Attempt at setting The World Record. Participating bar crawl bars include Dive Bar, Barley House, Mallorca, Brasa Grille, Tomo Hibachi, Gillespie's Map Room, Take 5 and more.

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