Robert Hunter w/ Sara Trunzo

  • April 22, 2018
    (1:30 PM - 3:30 PM)
  • 2258 Professor Ave
  • Cleveland OH 44113
  • Phone: 2169610084
  • Admission: Free
Robert Hunter w/ Sara Trunzo

Robert Hunter is a singer-songwriter, poet, and author of the highly anticipated novel Relapse, set for release in May 2018. Known best for his unique brand of lyrical alt-country-rock, Rober's First two EPs Afterglow and Outta My Mind were celebrated critically and described as "magnetic" and "hard wiring, after a single listen." Songs like "Gone for Good" and "Ditto Baby" found a home on the FM radio and helped pave the way for future success in Nashville and beyond. A third studio effort Revival is set to drop in early 2018. It was largely inspired by his wife, Becky, who insisted upon its release, as well as the publication of Relapse, in spite of her battle with an aggressive form of cancer. Now Becky is in remission, and with a trio of potent EPs under their belt, along with a new novel, the pair are embarking on a nationwide tour to celebrate life, love, and the madness of it all. Relapse centers around Rob Wildhide who will one day become a celebrated novelist; he just knows it. But first, he’ll have to overcome writer’s block and survive a wayward trip to the North Woods of Maine with his new bride, Annie, and her treacherous friends (raft guides are not to be trusted!). A love story at its best and wild ride at its drunkest, Relapse careens through shaman-led weddings, car heists that lead to strange prophesies, and the inner workings of a mind rife with possibility and absolutely unaffected by the moonshine, thank you very much. Is it relapse, or is it revival? Rob Wildhide will try just about anything to find out where this story goes. Joining Robert on tour is songsmith Sara Trunzo, who writes the quirks and wisdom of rural northerners – particularly young women – in a fresh and un-romantic voice. While mainstream country music pines over southern red dirt, Sara draws on a decade of running a food bank farm where she helped get local produce into the hands of rural Mainers living in poverty. Her time in the farm fields, fishing boats, community meetings, and food pantry warehouses of Maine add wrinkles to her characters and place to their places. Drawing influence from songwriters like Darrell Scott and Mary Gauthier- she mines the untold story from the unlikely narrator. Her debut EP 'thanks birdie' came out in July 2017 and a sophomore recording is slated for release Summer 2018.

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