PB&J Kids Jam with Gruca White Ensemble

  • December 11, 2016 - December 11, 2016
  • 2920 Detroit Ave.
  • Cleveland OH 44113
  • Phone: 216-771-6551
  • Venue: BOP STOP @ The Music Settlement
  • Times: 1pm
  • Admission: $5
Event - Gruca White

Bring the whole family to this one of a kind concert featuring the Gruca White Ensemble, TMS's Ensemble in Residence. This will be an interactive and fun concert where kids don't have to just sit still and listen: they'll get to stomp, clap, wave their arms and sing while they're learning a few musical concepts along the way. Linda will be featuring the entire flute family, from the piccolo down to TMS's 9 foot long contra bass flute. The Gruca White Ensemble will perform a wide range of music ranging from classical, world, jazz, rock and their own improvisations. Admission includes a PB&J Sandwich!

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