Olds/ Pujolas/ Grey Trio

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The Olds, Pujolas, Grey Trio was recently reunited after a long hiatus when member's multiple musical project schedules kept this trio from regularly performing.With Ron Olds on electric bass, Tony Pujolas on guitar, and Mark Grey on drums, each member brings their own style of playing to form a fusion-post bop -funk power trio. Olds has played with numerous jazz, funk, and fusion trios as both a bass and guitar player, Pujolas led the Tony Pujolas Trio, while Grey continues to lead the Northcoast Jazz Collective. Members have played in combos with nearly all the active jazz players of Cleveland and Akron scenes including Dan Maier, Bob Fraser, Tim Powell, Rock Wehrmann, David Kasper, Dallas Coffey, Paul Stranahan and many more. Arrangements of jazz songs are played in fusion or funk styles. With material ranging from the catalogs of Frank Zappa to Billy Cobham, Tony Williams to the Meters, and from Stevie Wonder to Miles Davis, the Olds, Pujolas, Grey Trio brings a diverse catalog back to the Cleveland music scene!

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