Wizard World Comic Con

February 22, 2016
Wizard World Comic Con

3 Reasons To Visit Wizard World Comic Con Cleveland

Lexi Hotchkiss

Trekkies, Batmaniacs, Marvel Zombies, Whovians, members of the Power Force, citizens of the WWE Universe and, well, just about anyone: Come one, come all! Wizard World Comic Con descends on Cleveland’s FirstMerit Convention Center, Feb. 26 – 28.

“Wizard World Comic Con is a celebration of everything in the pop culture world – movies, music, TV, sci-fi, cosplay, you name it,” Jerry Milani, public relations manager for Wizard World, said.

That means you come face-to-face with everyone from on-screen actors of weekly TV shows, cartoon illustrators and even directors of major motion pictures. So, whether you’re an avid comic book collector, a superhero enthusiast or just a regular Joe, this three-day pop culture festival’s got something for you.

So, why make it to the pinnacle of pop culture fandom? Here are three good reasons:

1. Celeb City
Probably the most popular part of Wizard World is the presence of dozens and dozens of celebrities – many of whom offer both photo opps and autograph sessions.

“So, of course, we have guests who are from the comic and sci-fi world like Chris Hemsworth with The Avengers and THOR, Matt Smith from Dr. Who, Chandler Riggs and Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead,” Milani said.

“But, we also have celebrities that don’t have a direct or primary connection from those worlds such as Henry Winkler (“The Fonz”) from Happy Days and Larry Wilcox from CHiPs.”

Wait, wait, wait. Did someone say Chris Hemsworth will be there?! [Swoon]

Other highlighted guests include WWE stars Rusev and Diva Lana, Brent Spiner (Data) from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Robert Englund (Freddie Kreuger) from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Mewes (Jay) of CLERKS.

And, there are seriously TONS more. Check out the guest list here.

2. Cosplay
Did you just see the Adam West version of Batman in the bathroom? Or, how about the Neal Adams version at the concession stand?

These could likely be statements you overhear as you rub elbows with Wonder Woman, Captain Spock, Spider Man, The Joker and even a band of Power Rangers.

“We’ll have hundreds – maybe thousands – of fans dressed as characters from their favorite shows and movies. A lot of people even come as characters they create themselves,” Milani said.

So, if you’re not one for dressing up, feel free to come and spot the characters all around you. Or, stay for the big event on Saturday night when up to 120 cosplay characters compete to be the best during the official Wizard World Costume Contest.

And, for the little ones, there’s an entire cosplay contest on Sunday for kids ages 13 and younger.

3. Panels
Ever wanted to learn how to put together a compelling comic book story from an actual comic book writer? Want to contrast Superman’s abilities against science with a NASA expert? Or, are you interested in asking Chris Hemsworth just about ANYTHING?

These are the kinds of panels that’ll be offered during this year’s convention.

“We have a programming schedule that includes in upwards of 80 different panels over three days. And that’s a combination of celebrity Q&As and panels with artists, cosplayers and even local folks,” Milani said.

One popular panel will come from Joe and Anthony Russo, who are the directors of the Captain America film franchise. The brothers are both Clevelanders, so they’ll be hosting a number of panels right here in their hometown.

Learn more here.

Buy Your Tickets Now!
Fanboys and fangirls ought not to wait on buying tickets to this coveted event. Wizard World Cleveland, which draws thousands of pop culture enthusiasts, is expected to sell out of its three-day admissions. Purchase admissions online and pay less than you would at the door!

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