What's New? Public Square's Winter Wonderland

November 20, 2017
Public Square's Winter Wonderland

Skate the Square with Family and Friends from Out of Town


As winter begins to make its annual debut, the natural response is to start looking indoors for warm and cozy activities to keep us busy during colder months. But those who live around these parts aren't always ready to head inside and hibernate. In fact, Clevelanders have a rep for greeting Mother Nature's snow-filled days and cooler temps with open arms and a sense of adventure.

During the summer, Public Square is a-bustling with yoga classes, movie and concert-goers, dancing water fountain fanatics and a lunchtime crowd that puts the hot in "hot spot." But that doesn't mean the party stops when winter arrives; it just... changes outfits, shall we say?

That's right. The heart of Downtown Cleveland invites adults and kids alike to kick off the holiday season with a spin around the Cleveland Foundation Ice Skating Rink that sits atop the summertime splash pad. Open from Nov. 24 through Feb. 28, 2018, the ice rink offers you and your visiting family and friends a chance to enjoy (and show off) the sights of Cleveland's amazing architecture and revitalized streetscapes.

You can take to the ice for just $10 per skater, which includes skate rental. Pro tip: if you bring your own ice skates, tickets are only $7.

And here's a little secret: head downtown on a Saturday morning and take advantage of free skating lessons that are offered for all paid skaters. All. Season. Long.

Once you've mastered your triple lutz and hung up your skates, don't feel like you need to dash through the snow on out of town. The holidays in CLE offer a number of delicious dining options and festive activities to put some holly in your jolly as you celebrate the season with loved ones.

For more information about holiday-themed events, musical performances or places throughout the city to get your grub on, click here and start planning.

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