Watch it Wednesdays

June 27, 2018

Behind-the-scenes art experiences


Plan an art experience where your group can get up close and personal during the creative process. Watch it Wednesdays is a monthly art-making mash up where visitors gain rare, behind-the-scenes access to 15+ professional artists at 78th Street Studios as they work on their latest masterpieces.

The Experience

Guests can interact directly with the artists, ask questions about technique, and explore various work spaces at their leisure, while ambient downtempo beats play on the sound system. It's an insider's tour of the local art scene in a single location, as presented by Cleveland's most well-known and accomplished artists in a wide variety of mediums including oil painting, sculpture, encaustics, and mixed media. 

"Cleveland has a thriving art scene and a centuries-old maker mindset," said artist Susie Frazier, who is producing the event with her company. "The backbone of the industrial revolution literally started here. So, watching the artists of today create work that is so heavily influenced by the raw materials and landscape of this region is not something visitors can experience anywhere else." 

Great for Groups

The $20 admission ($15 if paid online) includes one complimentary drink ticket and an artist-made gift to take home. Food and beverages are available on site from neighborhood eatery Local West. The short menu changes seasonally and includes beer, wine and water options. Should your group be interested in having dinners more formally catered or special food options presented, Local West can accommodate any quantity of people. 

For groups that want a more personalized option, there are packages that allow attendees a chance to be the artist themselves as they are instructed through a painting project that dries while the evening unfolds. Instructed by resident artist Eileen Dorsey, who was recently named Cleveland's Best Artist by Scene magazinethe painting experience is for all levels of participants and is custom priced depending on the group's size and needs.

The Venue

78th Street Studios is a 170,000 sq. ft. warehouse dating back to 1905. Originally home to the Baker Electric Motor Vehicle Company, the property bustled with the specialized production of automobiles for the commercial market. Within the bones of the building, visitors will find the original hardwood floors, metal track doors, and old freight elevators.

The building then started to attract an arts crowd around the ‘80s when it became home to American Greetings Creative Studios and in between the years, many notable musicians stopped into the building to record music. Today it houses 60+ Cleveland artist studios, galleries, recording studios, and performance spaces.

Have questions about adding Watch it Wednesdays to your tour? Contact Jane Tougouma at or 216.875.6607.

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