Visitor stories: May 2017

May 28, 2017
Visitor stories

Stories from the Cleveland Visitors Center


Visitors from all over the world come to Cleveland for a variety of reasons, and we have the distinct honor of greeting many of them at our Visitors Center on Euclid Ave. Downtown. Here's a glimpse into their lives, why they're here, and what they think of our city.

Where are they from?

Columbus, Indianapolis, Sydney (OH), Nashville, France, multiple groups from Germany, West Virginia, Kentucky, Columbus, Cincinnati, California, Texas, New Orleans, Petosky (MI), Dover (OH), South Bend (IN), Sharon (IN), New York City, Phoenix, Toledo, Ontario, New Hampshire, Virginia, Rochester, Ireland, Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Russia, Shamokin (PA), Adelaide (Australia), New Caldonia,

Why are they here?

Baseball, Cavs playoffs, leadership conference, visiting family, friend get-together, stop during multi-city vacation in U.S.

Their stories

A couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary made the trip to relive their honeymoon in Cleveland. The barely recognized the city from 50 years ago and were trying to find their hotel, which our concierge team determined is now the University Inn and Suites.

A woman from Michigan contacted the Visitors Center and is planning a visit to Cleveland in October 2017. Her friends will be coming from Canada, NY, and PA. They chose Cleveland as a perfect meeting place. She had the choice of ordering an Official Visitors Guide online or calling one of our team members and decided she wanted to talk to someone about the highlights of Cleveland. She plans to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and would like to stay in a bed and breakfast. She was also interested in theater, so we told her all about Playhouse Square and the chandelier.

A group from New Caledonia, South Pacific island, stopped in for a walking map. They were on their way to Toronto, but being serious Indians fans, they had to stop in Cleveland to catch a Tribe game and have a look around.

A couple from NYC was in town to visit their son, who is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music and now a vocal coach and theater actor in CLE. They weren't sure what to do while he was occupied. During our conversation, we learned they had been to CLE before but hadn't seen many of the museums. They frequent the museums in NYC as well as the NY Philharmonic, so we suggested they check out the latest exhibit at Cleveland Museum of Art and take a self-guided tour of Severance Hall. We also learned that the father had done some work at Cleveland State University and was delighted with the changes he had seen in Cleveland since the years he had left.

A visitor and his friend from Adelaide, Australia came to the U.S. to see a Cavs basketball game. They did visit other cities while in the states, but made it a point to spend most of their time here in Cleveland. He said if the Cavs have a repeat of last year that he would come back for the playoffs or finals. While in the U.S., the visitor also wanted to see New York City before flying home, but he had pre-paid for his hotel in Cleveland and couldn’t get out of his last night. Feeling distraught, he came in to the CLE Visitors Center trying to figure out how he would get to NYC, pay for a room there, and maybe get a refund on his CLE room night. We were able to help him get a full refund on the Cleveland room night, book Greyhound tickets for departure after the game, hold his luggage at the hotel until after the game, and book a room in NYC. He was overjoyed with the hospitality he was met with throughout his U.S. travels, but especially in Cleveland.

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