Visitor stories: March 2017

March 13, 2017
Visitor stories

Stories from the Cleveland Visitors Center


Visitors from all over the world come to Cleveland for a variety of reasons. Here's a glimpse into their lives, why they're here, and what they think of our city.

Tales from Afar

While one would think visitor volume in the winter months is slower, the traffic in the Cleveland Visitors Center would suggest otherwise. After interacting with more than 28,000 visitors in 2016 (nearly 4,000 more than the year prior), the CLE Concierge team has hit the ground running in 2017, not only educating others about Cleveland’s must-see activities, but also learning a bit more about the folks who are visiting.

Here are a few tidbits about some of our winter guests.

Where are they from?

Germany, Toronto, Columbus, Delaware, Hungary, New York, Canada, France, Ecuador, Dayton, Wapakoneta, Tampa Bay, Chile, Minnesota, South Carolina, Cincinnati, Altoona (PA), Boston, Allentown (PA), San Francisco, Sweden, Washington D.C., England, San Diego, Shanghai, Arkansas, Denver, San Jose, Wheeling (WV) and Michigan.

Why are they here?

Visiting family over the holidays; Browns games; Winterfest; road trips; wedding anniversary; weddings; Cavs games and LeBron James; A Christmas Story Run; weekend getaway; Cleveland Clinic; business trip; Cleveland Comedy Festival and even a honeymoon (in December!)

Their stories

LOVE IN THE LAND: A couple who met in Cleveland many years ago came back to celebrate their anniversary. They travel to Cleveland on their anniversary every year to enjoy our city and reminisce about when they first met.

HUNGARY FOR A SPORTS WEEKEND: A gentleman from Hungary stopped in to the Visitors Center on both the Friday and Saturday of his stay. He said he had an awesome experience in the Visitors Center on Friday and came back in on Saturday to chat and replace the maps he had lost along the way. He was in town to see the Cavs, but was happy to learn he could also see the Monsters on Saturday and the Browns on Sunday.

IF YOU’RE IN SAN DIEGO, YOU MIGHT AS WELL MAKE A QUICK STOP IN CLEVELAND: A college student from Shanghai, spending a semester in San Diego, used his free time to come to Cleveland for, in his words, "LeBron James.” He was going to a Cavs game and seeing the Rock Hall and West Side Market in the meantime.

MIDNIGHT RUN TO CLE: A young couple from Toronto were bored one Friday around midnight and decided to hop into their camper van and drive to Cleveland to have a look around. They were especially interested in free or low-cost activities and were excited to find so many options in addition to many holiday-themed activities.

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