Visitor stories: April 2017

April 24, 2017
Visitor stories

Stories from the Cleveland Visitors Center


Visitors from all over the world come to Cleveland for a variety of reasons, and we have the distinct honor of greeting many of them at our Visitors Center on Euclid Ave. Downtown. Here's a glimpse into their lives, why they're here, and what they think of our city.

Where are they from?

Columbus, Indianapolis, Sydney (OH), Nashville, France, multiple groups from Germany, West Virginia, Kentucky, Columbus, Cincinnati, California, Texas, New Orleans, Petosky (MI), Dover (OH), South Bend (IN), Sharon (IN), New York City, Phoenix, Toledo, Ontario, New Hampshire, Virginia, Rochester, Ireland, Toronto, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Russia, Shamokin (PA), Adelaide (Australia)

Why are they here?

Vacation, restaurant opening, Cavs games, school trip, working on a tour production in Playhouse Square, medical school, Rock Hall, movie production/film industry, work conference, class reunion, possible relocation, cruise reunion, birthday trip

Their stories

A couple of wonderful, interesting travelers from Corsica, France stopped in. They have traveled the world, visiting major cities such as Paris and Madrid, and they wouldn't have known Cleveland existed were it not for LeBron James. The husband is a real estate agent in Cali, Corsica, and has been following LeBron's career since 2003. His wife is a professor who is currently writing her dissertation for her PhD. They came to Cleveland to see two Cavs' games in one weekend. They are such avid fans that, when at home, they set their alarm for 3:00 a.m. so they can catch the Cavs' games live! They raved about how they loved our city - that it is so interesting, rich in history, and has so many different experiences to offer. After their visit, they followed up with a lovely e-mail:

We wanted to tell you that we enjoyed our trip. Cleveland is amazing and the Clevelanders as well. We followed your suggestions! We visited the Museum of Art, had a good time discovering its historical treasures and were fortunate to admire some of Jean-Michel Basquiat's works. We had a tasteful break at the West Side Market, amazing food and atmosphere! We had a snowy walk to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and Lake Erie then got warmed up with a great brunch at Urban Farmer. The NBA games were awesome, we were delighted to watch the Cavs play and win (twice!). One of these moments was recorded by the Jumbotron: 15 seconds of fame! We are back to Corsica and wanted to thank you for your welcome. We hope we will come back soon or see you around in Corsica.

Film location scout Chris Petro stopped in because he is the location scout and manager for two Bruce Willis films. He was involved in Draft Day and Lebron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving commercials. He came in because he needed maps to pin up in the workroom to show where the various scenes of the movies are being filmed (near the old 3rd District Fire Station, the Flats, Morton's Steakhouse, etc.). We used the large living map in the visitor center to look at things and then emailed him images of the maps so he could have them blown up to poster size.

A couple from Morgantown (WV) came up for the weekend specifically to go to Presti’s Bakery for Tiramisu. They say it is the best they have ever had and they make the pilgrimage several times a year.

A couple of gentlemen from Rochester were in town for a weekend and stopped in looking for an activity to fill their Saturday night. They were excited to learn about a free concert at Severance Hall by the Cleveland Institute of Music. They planned to visit Cleveland Museum of Art, have an early dinner at Mia Bella and then head to the concert. We suggested they finish off the evening at the lovely Coquette Patisserie for champagne and pastries.

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