Triathloner's Weekend Guide

August 5, 2018

USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in CLE


It's finally GO time. You've spent the last few months (maybe even years) training for the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship in Cleveland. So, without a doubt, we know you are 100% ready to run, bike and swim.

But, chances are, you're probably also ready to spend your time outside of the race having as much fun as possible here in Cleveland. Here's a little guide to the city for what will likely be one of the momentous weekends of your life.

Pre-Game Carbo Load

It's time to carb up for the big race tomorrow. Why not really enjoy that process?


In Cleveland, once you see that Zac Bruell name on the menu, you know the next hour or so of your life is going to be pretty incredible. Chinato sits right downtown on East 4th street.

Cibreo Italian Kitchen

Located in the Playhouse Square District (the nation's second largest theatre district in the country) this authentic Italian restaurant is a great option to carb up and chill out.

Bar Cento

Whether you are a Race Sherpa or competing in the action, Ohio City is a can't miss destination while in town. Here, you can find Bar Cento. The combination of this European-style menu with its one of a kind décor makes it a local favorite.

Post-Race Protein

Cleveland is known for its overall culinary scene, but there is a special place here for meat lovers. This makes The Land the ideal city for tons of protein to help you recover.

Mabel's BBQ

Brought to you by Cleveland's most famous chef on Cleveland's most famous street, Michael Symon's Mabel's is a not-to-be-missed carnivorous feast.

Johnny's Little Bar

Johnny's is a true Cleveland gem - with an entrance tucked away off West 6th Street. If you're looking to devour one of Cleveland's best burgers, this is the place to go. Come as you are.

Red, The Steakhouse

If you just completed something that most people would not even think to attempt, then we way it's time to treat yourself. Here's one of the swankiest spots for a little meaty self-care.

Sudsy Celebration

Cleveland is known for its world-renowned beer scene. After the hard work that you put in, one thing is for sure - it's time for a beer. You just so happen to be in the perfect place to make that happen.

Nano Brew

This Ohio City brewery offers 24 beers that can be enjoyed inside the bar or outside on one of our favorite patio's. It doesn't matter if you are a craft beer enthusiast or just looking for a little fun, Nano Brew is a go-to spot while you're in The Land.

Platform Beer Co.

If you walked up to any Clevelander and asked them some of their favorite local craft beers, odds are a Platform beer would be on that list. Give it a go. No regrets. Promise.

Collision Bend

Enjoying an ice cold beer on the water sounds great right now doesn't it? What sounds even better, is enjoying that beer at one of the best brewpubs in the nation (according to USA Today's). Cheers!

The Cherry on Top

The perfect way to end your weekend? Put a cherry on top - literally - at one of these ice cream spots.

Mitchell's Ice Cream

Located on West 25th Street in Ohio City is the place to satisfy that sweet tooth (maybe after a few beers at Nano Brew) - Mitchell's Ice Cream. Some people say that Mitchells is the G.O.A.T., but we'll let you decide for yourself.

Mason's Creamery

This shop boasts rave review after rave review. The folks at Mason's Creamery are constantly looking to create new flavors, so each trip to the shop offers a unique experience. Great for vegan eaters, too!

Sweet Moses

Have you ever seen an old-school soda shop from a 1950s movie and think to yourself, "Ice cream just looked better in the old days?" Well, here's your chance to see what it was all about. Sweet Moses is the best choice when looking for a classic ice cream and soda shop experience.

Good luck to everyone competing in the USA Triathlon 2018 National Championship. We're glad you're here. Now, go make the most of it.

USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships

For more information on this major 2018 sporting event in Cleveland Aug. 11-12, click here.

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