To the Beer Mobile

August 13, 2015
To the Beer Mobile

Let the Cleveland Brew bus plan the ultimate pub crawl

To the Beer Mobile!

By Jason Q. Freed

There is just a ridiculous amount of fantastic, artisanal breweries sprouting up in and around Cleveland. Question: How in the world are you going to see them all - without having to drive home?

Cue the Cleveland Brew Bus - the best idea since beer. Select a pre-arranged package of breweries, such as the "Cleveland Classics" tour featuring Great Lakes Brewing Co., Fat Head's brewery and taphouse, and The Brew Kettle, or just choose three breweries and a pick-up spot. You'll learn the history of an eclectic group of beer brands while tasting the best they have to offer.

Tours last about four hours and include samples of three to four beers at each stop, as well as tools necessary for such an adventure - a pretzel necklace and souvenir glass. Bring your growler, and they'll store it in a cooler on the bus. Cost is $57.50 per person plus tax. To make a reservation, contact Leslie Basalla at 216.773.2567 or

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