There's a shuttle for that...

January 17, 2018
There's a shuttle for that

Ride your way through CLE's arts and culture scene


Cleveland's known to have one of the most concentrated square miles of arts and culture in the country, flanked by the some of the most reputable medical and educational institutions on the planet. And it's right in our backyard. No big deal.

As home base to world-class assets like the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland History Center and the Cleveland Botanical Garden (just to name a few), it's safe to say University Circle and its surrounding neighborhood hot spots are bustling with the must-see and -do activities that residents should check off their to-do list time and time again.

But with so much to do in what always seems to be not enough time, we know that little tips and tricks are appreciated to help you squeeze as much into your day as possible.

Cue the CircleLink Shuttle. In fact, just wave it down.

This free, convenient, get-around-the-circle-and-beyond transportation option is perfect for moving you from one cultural treasure to another, or from home to work and back again.

CircleLink seamlessly connects Wade Oval, Uptown, Little Italy, Coventry, Case Western Reserve University and the University Hospital campus for all of your traveling needs. Need to know where and when to be ready? No problem--there's an app for that. And a live shuttle map.

Pro Tip: To stay in the know of additional transportation options in and around University Circle, as well as any projects that might impact your travel time, use the uGO tool to ensure a safe, fast and easy trip.

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