Spring in CLE

May 9, 2018

Blue skies and sunshine await


We're finally not mad at the local weather forecasters. With warmer days here, we're ready to stop and smell the spring flowers. Read on for some of our favorite ways to properly welcome the new season back to town.

Cleveland Signs (with a new view)

Spring brings with it a rejuvenated backdrop at the already photo-ready Cleveland signs, and thus a new opportunity to post some CLE love to your IG account.

Public Square

Get to Public Square, order yourself some Rebol and take in the spring vibes. Get your toes wet in the fountains, then listen to some live music, play a yard game or do some good old-fashioned people watching.  

Go Outside

That's it. So simple. Breathe in the fresh air and let the sun do its thing. When you're done simply breathing, liven up your outdoor experience at a CLE beach, patio or park.

Baseball is Back 

We repeat: baseball is back. Enjoy the classic game with the boys of summer, and do it your way. Get to Progressive Field and sit bar-side at The Corner, buy a District Ticket to hang with a group or take a traditional seat. If you're just there for the food and drink, you won't be disappointed. Here are six reasons we're stoked about the season.

Summer Fest Planning

Summer festivals in Cleveland are one of the reasons we let winter walk all over us. When properly planned, a summer fest calendar offers a menu from many different countries and gives you a solid reason to day drink. Pencil these fests in so you don't accidently schedule something else that will probably be less fun.

Cavs Playoffs

Whether you have a ticket to the big game or not, you can live your best playoff life. Here's how.

Not sold on our spring list? Not to worry. Let us customize your itinerary.

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