Serious Stadium Food

December 11, 2015
Serious Stadium Food

Cleveland's Concession Confessions: Everything from Stadium Mustard to Giant Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

By Janey Schafer

Some people attend sporting events for the love of the game-but let's face it, we all know these gatherings involve delicious stadium food and large quantities of libations. Cleveland sure knows how to eat while cheering on our favorite players. Even the simple Sugardale hotdog sold at Progressive Field won an award for best in the MLB, but Cleveland's stadium food goes so far beyond just your average hotdogs and nachos. The next time you're at one of Cleveland's three major stadiums, do your taste buds a favor and step up your grub game. 

Quicken Loans Arena

Locally known as "The Q," the home to the Cleveland Cavaliers serves up celebrity chef cuisine with a Cleveland casual style. Having LeBron back home isn't the only thing that's making the fans so excited!

B-Spot (Section 125)

Michael Symon's burger joint is perfectly Cleveland, both classic and unique at the same time. The menu features all kinds of delicious burgers with interesting combinations of toppings and sauces. Try out the pickle bar and one of his award winners: the Fat Doug, the Yo! Burger, or the Porky.

Rocco's at the Q (Section 110)

Fahrenheit's head chef Rocco Whalen knows that enjoying great food is a big part of a fun night out. At Fahrenheit, Asian food is the focus, but at Rocco's at the Q, Chef Whalen puts a new spin on traditional southwest meals. Chow down on some grilled chicken, braised beef brisket, or garlic buttered shrimp tacos along with some cheesy nachos.

Elmore Smith's Smokehouse (Section 108)

Elmore Smith's ability to block shots isn't the only talent of his in the spotlight anymore. Smith is now a BBQ enthusiast, and his all-natural gourmet sauces have been created over many years via trial and error barbequing. His flavor ranges from mild to spicy, with subtle hints of texture in each sauce. If you are in the mood for a meaty meal, hit up Elmore Smith's and try some barbequed pork, chicken, beef, or seafood.


Enjoy some suds at Cleveland on the Rocks (section 124) or Cheers & Beers (sections 110, 111, 200, 214, 226)

First Energy Stadium

First Energy Stadium's food will be there to comfort you no matter how close you are to being turned into a full blown human icicle. Cleveland Browns games might be cold, but our top chefs are working hard in the kitchen to keep everyone experiencing that warm and cozy feeling that only truly delicious food can provide. Chefs Sawyer, Hodgson, Whalen, and Symon sure do make a great team. 

Sawyer's Sausage & Peppers (Level 100)

Jonathan Sawyer, recent James Beard Award winner, knows a thing or two about different flavors and styles of food. If you end up getting his chili cheese slaw dog, we dare you to try and make the experience last more than five seconds. Also, his homemade Fritos, called "Streetos," with chili, tabasco mash, and a melted white cheddar cheese are to die for. Are we taking things too far if we suggest putting the Streetos right on top of your hot dog or brat? You're welcome.

Downtown Dogs (Level 100)

Chef Chris Hodgson's hotdog menu is on point. You can order a cheesy Wonder Dog, which contains mac and cheese and maple bacon, a classic Coney Dog, or a Kraut Pleaser, which comes on a pretzel bun. Chef Hodgson also offers the Naked Dog - a plain hot dog for those who are extra picky.

Great Lake Cheesesteaks (Level 100)

Chef Rocco Whalen takes sandwiches to a whole new level at this cheesesteak joint. The Chicken Sack has chicken and waffle fries on it, and the other chicken sandwich. Also, The Rustbelt has buffalo wing butter on it. The creativity and innovation is almost too much to handle.

Still hungry? Check out C-Town Eats or Michael Symon's B-spot. The Cleveland Cocktail Co. offers crafted beverages to go along with these delicious meals.

Progressive Field

The Cleveland Indians stadium has way more to offer besides your standard ballgame peanuts and cracker jacks. On top of having an extensive amount of sauces available for topping numerous dollar dogs, there's plenty of places to experience something exciting and uniquely Cleveland.

Melt Bar and Grilled (Section 113)

Melt is absurd-in a good way, for the cheese lovers. They serve five giant sandwiches from their Lakewood location's extensive menu. The classic "Kindergarten," has chorizo, potato, barbeque pork, and onion rings. They also serve the "Parmageddon," which has pierogis, onions, and sauerkraut on it. It doesn't get more Cleveland than a giant pierogi sandwich.

Barrio (Section 109)

Tacos aren't normally associated with baseball games-but Clevelander's sure can make an exception for our locally loved taco joint. The build-your-own tacos can be made with chicken, pork, street corn, or chorizo bases with plenty of toppings and hot sauces. They also serve crisp chips, great salsa, tequila, and beer.

The Corner Bar (Section 114-119)

This two-story bar has 40+ beers on tap, and some even have the option to self-serve. The lower level has an outdoor patio that overlooks the field, and the upper level is for fans who want to hang out by the fire and keep up with the game on TV.

If you're still hungry, check out The Ball Park Grill, Dynomite Burger, or Great Lakes Brewing Co. For those with an even larger appetite, you can purchase "All-you-can-eat-seats," which provide fans with unlimited hotdogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and Pepsi.

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