Scream Machines

March 10, 2014
Scream Machines

Walk the Fine Line Between Joy and Dread

By Denise Koeth

If anyone can make terror terrific, it’s the fine folks at Cedar Point. Voted “Best Amusement Park in the World” for 16 consecutive years, Sandusky’s Cedar Point has been making people scream (in a good way) for 145 seasons. The park’s newest thrill ride is dubbed the GateKeeper, and it’s the tallest, fastest, and longest wing roller coaster in the world, hulking over the park’s entrance like an appropriate precursor of anxiety-filled fun.

Scurry past it to get to the Top Thrill Dragster (world famous for counteracting Dramamine), which rockets 420 feet into the air at 120 mph. Once your nausea subsides, conquer the rest of the wooden and steel beasts in the park — but move swiftly! — because Cedar Point is home to more than 10 miles of stomach-in-your-throat roller coaster track and 364 acres of rides, shows, and attractions, including easy-going, family-friendly venues like Camp Snoopy and Soak City Water Park.

Speaking of water worlds, nearby Kalahari Resort offers the largest indoor waterpark in the United States, plus an outdoor park. The African-themed resort boasts 10 water slides, wave pool, and several swimming areas for kids of all ages. Two slides — the Swahili Swirl and Tanzanian Twister — launch riders into a giant bowl, where they swirl and spin before being exiting into a pool below. If being flushed isn’t your thing, spend the day chilling in the lazy river, relaxing at the spa, checking out the resort’s retail shops, or imbibing in a massive hot tub with swim-up bar.

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