Road Trip USA: Cleveland, an American classic

January 15, 2017
Cleveland in the News

Cleveland, an American classic


They call it the “Rock 'n' Roll Capital of the World,” but in Cleveland, we listened to big band.

Speeding northwest from Pittsburgh on I-76, our renovated 16-foot travel trailer behind us, my fiancée Mel and I finally hit the outskirts of Cleveland and scanned the radio for something palatable. Classic rock just isn’t our scene, especially whittled down to a looping radio format. But queue up Sinatra, a dash of Cab Calloway, some Count Basie and a little Jeri Southern, and we’ll smile until it stops. We landed on 91.5 WKHR, a local non-profit station paying tribute, it seemed to us, to our grandparents’ memory. Read more.

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