Put a ring on it

September 19, 2016

Join us in Cleveland as, for the first time ever, the Cavaliers will get their rings before defending their world championship.


On a hot summer day in Cleveland, something miraculous happened. Our streets (and parking decks, and rooftops, and trees) overflowed as an estimated 1.3 million people celebrated the first professional sports championship parade in more than half a century. Building on that excitement, something else will happen this fall: that same team--the Cleveland Cavaliers--will defend its championship for the first time on October 25 as the New York Knicks come to town to kick off the NBA season.

While the game itself promises to be an epic 48+ minutes of psyched up play, what you'll truly want to be in Cleveland for is to party with the fans and witness our champs accept their rings before defending "The Championship City" for the first time. Ring ceremonies don't come often to Cleveland, so expect this crowd to go absolutely bananas. Yeah, we know, they're just rings, but they are Cleveland championship rings--and that means they are the physical manifestation of all the hard work, injuries, sweat, tears, hope, anguish, doubt and (finally) pure, sweet joy that players and fans went through for 52 years to reach this moment.

I mean, it's kind of a big deal.

If you were originally from Cleveland and moved away, we forgive you, and welcome you back with open arms. Like LeBron, it's time to come home. Why? Because this fall is literally the greatest chunk of time in modern Cleveland history in terms of city pride, excitement and resurgence. This isn't the Cleveland of 20 years ago. Heck, it isn't the Cleveland of five years ago. If you haven't seen this city in a few years, you haven't seen this city.

But whether you're a Clevelander, former Clevelander, Cavs fan from afar, basketball fan, or just someone who loves seeing history unfold, this is the place to be, and this is the time to be here. You can get your game tickets here, but if you can't make it to the arena itself, that doesn't mean you can't be a part of the action. Whether you're attending the home opener or not, you can join the fun Downtown. Specific information hasn't been released just yet, but if it's anything like the party that was thrown for LeBron's first game back, it's going to be downright insane. And that was before he led the team to a championship. Stay tuned--we'll fill you in once we get the deets.

If you prefer more of a bar setting, there are watch parties being thrown all around the arena including City Tap Cleveland, Panini's and the Clevelander. You'll also find scores of people packing in the local establishments like Butcher & The Brewer and Wonder Bar on East 4th, Market Garden and Nano Brew. If you want you're Cavs watching to pair with a little bit of a dance party, check out the Barley House and its neighboring bars on West 6th.

After LeBron made "The Block" and Kyrie hit "The Shot," the sports bars and streets of Cleveland flooded with people running around, hugging strangers and trying to believe what truly just happened. The overwhelming sense of joy shared by Cavs fans and sports fans around the world had its epicenter Downtown. And when the Cavs defend their title for the first time in history, you'll want to be there as that excitement hits yet another crescendo.

After all, you know what sounds even better than "World Champs"? Back-to-back World Champs.

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