Paradise at Porco

March 8, 2018

Cleveland's Porco Lounge & Tiki Room Offers Hand-Crafted Cocktails--Polynesian Style


Call us crazy, but a tiki bar located right smack dab in the middle of Cleveland is probably a little unexpected. But, such is the case with Porco Lounge & Tiki Room, which is undoubtedly one of the most unique places in Cleveland to grab a drink.

To be clear, you won't find this little gem in the center of the action. Instead, the lounge sits unassumingly on its own corner along West 25th Street--just a few blocks down from the beer-centric hoopla of Ohio City.

Entering through the bamboo doorway beads is like walking into another world. It's a kitschy little paradise oozing with a unique kind of coziness that's accentuated with a definite Polynesian vibe. This place is full of tropical décor with mermaids, outrigger canoes and even a hanging pufferfish lamp to keep you company.

It's Time to Get Tiki

But the true fun at Porco is in the hand-crafted tiki cocktails. All of Porco's cocktails are created with house-made simple syrups and fresh juices.

But, honestly, there's something extra fun about ordering a hand-crafted drink that's served in a coconut cup or a tiki mug brimming with colorful swizzle sticks.

Order the "Painkiller," an amazing rum-coconut-pineapple-orange concoction, and you'll have to select potency increments of one, two or three.

For the fearless (and we really mean this), order the "Zombie," which has achieved Insta-fame for being a drink that arrives to the table smoking. It's also really potent (seriously, ask your bartender), so be sure to secure your DD in advance.

Going with a group? The best option is to order the "Scorpion Bowl." It's a giant volcano-looking bowl with a lit centerpiece that's stuffed with fresh oranges, lemons, cherries and a whole bunch of long straws for sharing.

If eating all the fresh fruit poking out of your drink isn't enough to feed your hunger (or future hangover), Porco offers small plates and shareables with features like street tacos, loaded nachos and a cheese/meat sampler. The menu is small, but it's always good to have something in your stomach when sipping on strong drinks.

Before you leave, be sure to wave goodbye to the flock of fake flamingos hanging outside near the back patio. Depending on how many drinks you've had, they just might wave back!

Make No Mistake

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