Parade the Circle

May 21, 2017
Parade the Circle

A vibrant celebration of art, music, food and culture in an iconic Cleveland setting


Summer calendars are filling up fast, so be sure to mark, Saturday, June 10 on yours for the 28th Annual Parade the Circle.

This colorful and cultural event has been a staple of University Circle programming since 1990. At the heart of the event is Robin Van Lear, Artistic Director of Community Arts for the Cleveland Museum of Art. Robin created Parade the Circle as part of the art museum's 75th Anniversary celebration. The event quickly caught on in popularity and continues to attract thousands of locals and visitors each year.

This year's festivities kick off at 11:00 a.m. in Circle Village with live music, food and activities for all ages. The Parade starts at noon (rain or shine) with an explosion of festive puppets, masks, costumes, and floats parading their way around, well, the circle. Get there early to secure your spot and cheer on the talent behind these fanciful creations, who include local and international artists, residents, schools, and community groups. Closer to the date, be sure to check out the complete listing of vendors and parade participants here.

Robin's theme for the 2017 Parade the Circle is "Collage ~ A composition of often disparate elements collected and altered to complete a vision."

A vision, it is sure to be.

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