January 17, 2017

Jazz it up at this East-Side favorite


It’s the middle of the week, around 11:30 a.m., you’re feeling peckish as you travel up east Cedar Hill on the outskirts of Downtown Cleveland. You spot a restaurant out of the corner of your eye. It’s early in the day so quite naturally you hesitate when you see the name Nighttown. You take a chance anyway. You’re expecting the door to be locked, but what do you know? It opens effortlessly and you’re automatically transported into the evening.

The lights are dim, there’s jazz music playing just loud enough to make you tap your toes, and the restaurant is full of chatter from people from all walks of life. You’ve walked into the East Side gem whose décor is complete with posters from concerts you wish you had attended.

For more than 50 years, Nighttown has been the place people go for the entertainment and stay for the food and fellowship. There’s not a bad option on their moderately priced menu. The Faroe Islands Salmon is certainly a must-have. It is served with a Yukon potato croquette, with baby carrots and the most amazing lobster sauce. Or, you could never go wrong with the Dublin Lawyer.

Nighttown has the allure of a neighborhood pub with an international impact. This venue is a place where you can literally be just feet away from phenomenal national acts like Esperanza Spaulding, and local acts like Horns & Things. With several dining rooms to choose from, they offer you the opportunity to create your own adventure--groove alongside strangers at one of the communal tables, relax in the dining room at a private table away from the crowds (but still in earshot of the music), sit at the boisterous bar and chat up the barkeep, or jam right up front where the magic is happening on stage.

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