Look on the Brite Side

January 12, 2016
Look on the Brite Side

Annual Brite Winter festival celebrates music, art, and food in the Flats

Danielle Frezza

Brite Winter 2016 plans to give visitors a unique February weekend -- the socialization and sounds of a summer music festival amidst the sights and shenanigans of a winter wonderland.

A Cleveland exclusive, Brite Winter is now in its seventh year, and gives attendees a day-long festival of up-and-coming musicians, local food trucks, craft beer, and bonfires. 2015 was a record-breaker for the festival, with 15,000 attendees and performances from 60 bands. This year's event keeps the momentum going, and encourages those new to Cleveland to dive in to the festivities.

"Brite Winter is all about having fun," Brite Cleveland Executive Director Brian Horsburgh says. "Giving people a chance to experience the art, music, fire, and beer--it's an experience that is hard to describe in words."

That indescribable quality is what separates Brite Winter from all other art festivals in the country. The festival is back in the Flats this year as a way to return to its roots and highlight a different area of Cleveland, he says.

This year promises to be even more interactive. Various (heated!) tents featuring art displays welcome visitors to experience Cleveland artists' unique styles and perspectives. There will also be six stages to accommodate Brite Winter's extensive musical lineup: two outdoor, and four inside, located in McCarthy's, Harbor Inn, and two at Music Box Supper Club

And when you are back outside, there's nothing like physical activity to keep you warm in the chilly weather. As in years past, there will be games fun for all ages, like super-sized skeeball (played with soccer balls) and--in honor of local boy Drew Carey's daily stint on The Price Is Right--Plinko!

This year will also feature chow from local hotspots such as Barrio and Swenson's, as well as popular food trucks like Papa Nick's, Manna, Fired Up Taco, Timbers, and Native Hill Coffee.

Fun, friendliness, and enthusiasm for the arts despite harsh weather is a trademark of Cleveland culture, Horsburgh says. "This is a unique destination for people all around the country."

Brite Winter is set for Saturday, February 20 on the West Bank of the Flats. For more information, click here.

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