Late-Night Bites

May 3, 2016
Late-Night Bites

Good Food Meets Last Call


Late-night munchies are the best kind of munchies, especially after a long night of bar hopping and commiserating with friends. For those of you who don't have dinner leftovers waiting for you to smash, don't worry. There are plenty of Cleveland joints with kitchens open till Last Call. Let's talk hot dogs, BYO tacos, chicken & waffles, pizza by the slice and pierogi.

HAPPY DOG (Detroit Shoreway/Gordon Square)
Live polka music and hot dogs at 1am? Yes, please. Happy Dog offers some insane toppings like spaghetti-o's and fruit roll ups. It's basically the most perfect post-drinking menu ever.

Who doesn't crave chicken and waffles before bed? The South Side has always been a favorite Tremont joint. There’s jus something about all the good vibes, champagne cocktails and amazing food.

BARRIO (Gateway District, Tremont, Lakewood)
There's something special about having a full say in every aspect of how your taco will be assembled. Same thing with the queso, which can be ordered in various combinations mixed into the dip. One of our faves? The "stoner queso," which is a mixture of gooey, hot cheese and soft, sticky white rice. The chorizo queso also is amazing.

Edison's serves up some of the thickest, cheesiest pizza around. If you're a ranch dipper, the portion sizes are large, which is always a good thing. Word on the street is that you're supposed to dip the parmesan-dusted crust in honey!

BAR CENTO (Ohio City)
Take your pick from 13 unique pizza flavors. Near and far, the Sunnyside pizza its a fan favorite with its house-made pancetta and eggs fried right into the pie. If, for some weird reason, you aren't in the mood for pizza, Bar Cento has quite the extensive late-night menu, including a cornucopia of pommes frites that are served with an amazing curry-garlic-red-pepper aioli and classic ketchup.

Prosperity Social Club is an obvious advocate of eating way past your bedtime. In true Cleveland fashion, pierogi is on the menu(s). They have three separate late-night menus and brunch is, in fact, an option (technically, it is Sunday if you're eating after 12am on a “Saturday” night.)

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