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February 7, 2018

A Guide to St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland


On Saturday, March 17, Downtown Cleveland will host a cozy gathering of around half a million people. Most of those in attendance will be decked out in green, celebrating one of Spring's first great events—St. Patrick's Day. Cleveland has plenty of practice playing host to this revelry, as 2018 marks the 151st version of the city's St. Patrick's Day parade.

Cleveland's St. Paddy's Day party is among the biggest in the country. And, this year's numbers are expected to dramatically swell, as the holiday falls on a weekend and the city is hosting the 2018 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.

If Ye Be Drinking, Ye Shall Not Drive

The first thing to concern yourself with is getting Downtown and around town. Don't bother driving, because after a few green beers, you won't want to be getting behind the wheel. Plus, you'll have one less thing to worry about when you're recovering the next morning.

  • RTA: Purchase a $5 day pass to use on the trains and buses
  • Ride Share: For around $20 from surrounding suburbs, take a Lyft or Uber

Have a Pint or Two...or Three

Choosing a place to party is always important. And, even though all our watering holes are "Irish" on St. Paddy's Day, there's nothing as legit as experiencing the holiday at a traditional Irish pub.



It's Magically Delicious

There's no shortage of restaurants where you can get traditional (and award-winning) corned beef sandwiches all around Cleveland. But you can't go wrong with these Downtown-area institutions:


If you're planning on watching Ohio’s oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, your best bet is to be on Superior Avenue between East 9th Street and 12th Street for the best sight lines. There you’ll see bagpipers, Irish dancers, wolf hounds and more kilts than you can count on two hands. The parade is a great family activity and a unique experience. If you prefer to do your Irish jigging with a pint, though, head to any of the aforementioned bars, many of whom will have live music all day.

Stepdance to Kamm's Corners

While the parade, as well as other aspects of the festivities occur in Downtown Cleveland, the Irish dancers jig all night in the west side neighborhood of Kamm's Corners. So, after the parade, taxi on over to where the bagpipers and corned beef sandwiches are the stuff of legends at places like: PJ McIntyre's, Public House, West Park Station and more.

Other happening 'hoods? Try Lakewood, Ohio City, Tremont and Detroit Shoreway.

What to Wear

Cleveland weather in March is prone to unpredictability—so check your weather app ahead of time to know what to wear. Layering your (green) clothes is never a bad idea.

After all, we might not all be Irish. But, when you're here, you'll always be 100% Cleveland-ish. Sláinte!

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