Insider view: ABA 2017 Sightseeing Tours

December 13, 2017
ABA 2017 Sightseeing Tours

Here's a glimpse of what attendees explored at ABA 2017 in Cleveland


Here's a look at some of the great sightseeing tours given during ABA 2017 in Cleveland. Ask us about organizing something similar for your next group tour here--give us a call or stop by to chat with us in person at ABA 2018. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte!

Cleveland 101: Student Tours
Teachers want relevant and educational. Students want fun
and engaging. And, it’s your job to find the happy medium. In
Cleveland, students will learn how history shaped rock music
while ogling at Rihanna’s music video garb, experimenting with
electrostatic charges for a hair-raising effect and uncovering new
beats in a Mozart composition.

Tour stops included:

  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • Great Lakes Science Center
  • Severance Hall
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Corner Alley Downtown

Only in Cleveland
Never trendy or flashy, Cleveland’s got a style all its own. Stroll
among century-old booths vending everything from pickles to
pig ears, unwrap Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB gun from under the
Christmas tree and gander at Jim Morrison’s report card in the
homage to rock and roll – only in Cleveland.

Tour stops included:

  • West Side Market
  • Terminal Tower Observation Deck
  • A Christmas Story House
  • Heinen’s Downtown Cleveland
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

From Bach to Rock
Cleveland was home to Alan Freed, the deejay who coined the term “rock
and roll.” It’s also home to arguably one of the best orchestras
in the world. Put simply, music resides in the soul of Cleveland.
Catch an indie rocker, relax to a jazz trio, hear a national
headliner or take in a symphony. Cleveland’s the ultimate
mixtape group tour destination.

Tour stops included:

  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • Music Box Supper Club
  • House of Blues
  • Severance Hall
  • Nighttown

Historical CLE
Visitors to Cleveland are always recharged by the city’s
spirited stories of risk-taking, artistry and grit, passed on
through the generations who treasure its legacies. Explore
the city’s story of vision, courage and endless altruism
through its preserved history.

Tour stops included:

  • Soldiers & Sailors Monument
  • Cleveland History Center
  • Little Italy/Lake View Cemetery
  • Hermit Club at Hofbrauhaus

Go, Team! GO!
Not many cities can boast three professional sports teams who
– win or lose – have some of the most passionate and dedicated
sports fans like those in Cleveland. So whether you’re hollering
from Loudville or barking from the Dawg Pound, Cleveland’s got
the full spectrum covered. Guests should prepare for plenty of
walking and outdoor exposure.

Tour stops included:

  • Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians
  • Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • First Energy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns
  • Punch Bowl Social Club

Arts & Culture
Widely recognized. Internationally renowned. The best in the
world. These are some of the ways Cleveland’s arts and cultural
institutions are often described. Browse through Picassos,
Monets and Warhols. Immerse yourself in the sounds of
Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. And, watch a Broadway
blockbuster courtesy of Sondheim, Gershwin and Lloyd Webber.

Tour stops included:

  • Playhouse Square
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Nighttown
  • Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Gardens & Grandeur
Few visitors are prepared for the sheer beauty that is Cleveland.
From inside the dazzlingly restored vaudeville-style theaters to
the opulent mansions of Cleveland’s former millionaires, the
grandeur of both Cleveland’s past and present is best explored
with your own eyes.

Tour stops included:

  • Crop Bistro
  • Playhouse Square
  • Cleveland History Center
  • Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Authentic Cleveland
Experience the real Cleveland and the locations that hold a
dear place in the hearts of locals. Each has its own story, and
all are testaments to the city’s character. From their historical
significance to their unique beauty, these are some of the sites
that give Cleveland its charm.

Tour stops included:

  • West Side Market
  • Playhouse Square
  • Hermit Club at Hofbrauhaus
  • St. Michael’s Archangel Catholic Church

Girlfriend Getaway
Cheers to traveling with your besties! Embark on a ladies-only
trip to Cleveland, where the window shopping, theater watching,
candy noshing and poker playing are almost as fun as the nonstop
gabbing, empty wine glasses and endless laughs.

Tour stops included:

  • JACK Cleveland Casino
  • Playhouse Square
  • B.A. Sweetie Candy Company
  • 78th Street Studios

Cleveland Repurposed
Colorful tales of Cleveland wrap around its gleaming architecture
and Downtown avenues. Repurposed buildings come to life
throughout new restaurants, attractions and entertainment
venues. Come see how the city is transforming its rich history
into a vibrant group tour destination unlike any other.

Tour stops included:

  • House of Blues Cleveland
  • JACK Cleveland Casino
  • Crop Bistro
  • Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Spirits Brew in CLE
Got happy hour on your mind? Welcome to the club. Cleveland’s a
beer-lovin’ city that brags more than 20 brewhouses and dozens of
beer bars, serving-up unique craft ales and lagers of all kinds.

Tour stops included:

  • Market Garden Brewery/The Palace of Fermentation
  • Flannery’s Irish Pub
  • Cleveland Whiskey
  • JACK Cleveland Casino

Have questions about organizing a sightseeing tour? Contact Jane Tougouma at or 216.875.6607.

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