Holiday Brews and Other Christmas Ales

December 18, 2013
Holiday Brews and Other Christmas Ales

Around Cleveland, seasonal beers fly off the shelves faster than Tickle-Me-Elmo toys and the latest Apple products. So, when the weather outside gets a little frightful, pour a glass of one of these popular, locally-produced holiday ales for a drink that is truly delightful.

Great Lakes Brewing Company - Christmas Ale

Brewed with honey, the highly-sought after Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale gets its spicy flavor from ginger and cinnamon. Great Lakes’ Christmas Ale has reached an almost cult-like status with local stores selling out long before Christmastime. Quite frankly, it would be considered blasphemy if a born-and-bred Clevelander didn’t indulge in one this season.MORE ›

Market Garden Brewery - Festivus Ale

In the spirit of Seinfield, the Market Garden Brewery's Festivus Ale is a smooth holiday ale containing cinnamon, ginger and allspice spices with a malty, elegant finish. Enjoy a fresh pint at the Ohio City restaurant. MORE ›

Fat Head's Brewery - Hoppy Holidays & Pimp My Sleigh

Not only does Akron's Fat Head's Brewery bring us a seasonal delight, Hoppy Holidays, but they also offer a post-holiday beer called Pimp My Sleigh, which is a Belgian-style Christmas ale with flavors of fruit, raisins, figs, anise and spicy phenols. MORE ›

Buckeye Brewing - Ho Ho Ho Magic Dubel

The defining factor of Buckeye Brewing's holiday hit, the Ho Ho Ho Magic Dubel is not the spices, but rather the Belgian yeast resulting in a Belgian-style Dubbel Ale with roasted malts and dark candi sugar. MORE ›

Thirsty Dog - 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale

Akron's Thirsty Dog spices up the season with their 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale brew, created using Santa's secret recipe of honey, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. MORE ›

Brew Kettle - Winter Warmer

Take a bite out of the cold with Strongsville Brew Kettle's Winter Warmer, a Christmas Ale packed with the spices of the holidays such as cinnamon, ginger, orange and lemon peels, and a sleigh load of honey. MORE ›

Cellar Rats Brewery - The Ripper Christmas Ale

The Ripper Christmas Ale, created by Madison's Cellar Rats Brewery, is an old English style ale with a mahogany color to it, created by handfuls of Chinook hops and spiced with chicory root and cinnamon. MORE ›

Hoppin Frog - Frosted Frog Christmas Ale

Hoppin Frog out of Akron captures the essence of the holiday season in their Frosted Frog Christmas Ale featuring rich malt flavors and blended seasonal spices. MORE ›

Willoughby Brewing Company - Wenceslas Ale

On the east side, pour a glass of Willoughby Brewing Company’s Wenceslas Ale for a strong, brown ale with rich malt character and assortment of spices. MORE ›

Indigo Imp - Winter Soul

Indigo Imp, an independent, family-owned and operated microbrewery located in Tyler Village in Cleveland, brings a winter seasonal to warm the chilly months. Available at various bars and specialty shops throughout Northeast Ohio, don’t miss the full-bodied holiday flavor of Winter Soul. MORE ›

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