Hofbräuhaus Opens In Cleveland

September 28, 2014
Hofbrauhaus Cleveland

Celebrate Oktoberfest Everyday in Cleveland

“Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa,” shouts the lederhosen-clad accordion player in sync with a woman sporting dirndls and braids, while hoisting a large basket of colossal-sized pretzels.

Without any ado, the guest dutifully stands, lifts his one-liter beer stein filled to the brim with golden beer, precariously tips it back and takes a delicious gulp as the long communal table bursting with comrades and strangers-turned-friends cheers noisily.

This might be a scene from Munich’s annual Oktoberfest celebration. But, it’s always what you’ll find at Hofbräuhaus Cleveland, which opens Oct. 22, 2014.

Cleveland is the newest location for this internationally renowned German bier empire, which is owned and operated by the Bavarian government in Germany. Hofbräuhaus embodies the complete experience one might encounter during Munich’s Oktoberfest, a Bavarian celebration that dates back to the 16th century.

Located on Chester Avenue in the PlayhouseSquare District, Hofbräuhaus Cleveland can accommodate roughly 1,600 people throughout three floors including four indoor spaces and a massive outdoor bier garden that can host as many as 1,000 revelers.

“It’s going to be Oktoberfest everyday in here,” Andrea Mueller, spokeswoman for Hofbräuhaus Cleveland, says enthusiastically. “We have 400 years of history behind that celebration.”

And, as we all know, the road to a proper Oktoberfest is paved with great German beer.

Brewed under license and supervision of the Bavarian government in Munich, the beers are brewed on site strictly according to the German Purity Law known as “Reinheitsgebot.” That means the beer is brewed using only hops, malt, yeast and water.

“We have a high-end microbrewery system called Braukon,” Mueller explains. “The brewing system is unique to Europe in that we brew inside giant copper kettles. It’s unlike anything you’ll find in Cleveland.”

On tap, visitors can enjoy four beers brewed every day and one rotating beer selection that changes with the seasons.

Options are good when it comes to music, too.

Live music happens every night of the week – including during lunchtime.

“We’ll have a polka ‘house band’ that performs every day,” Mueller says. “At night, we’ll have live music that is a little more rambunctious, modern and fun – a way for people to experience a true Oktoberfest!”

As far as food goes, you’ve got a hearty menu that’s jam-packed with German favorites like schnitzel, spaetzle and red apple kraut. And, thanks to European-style communal seating (tables of 12), no one will have to dine alone.

“The most popular food item is our Oktoberfest pretzel, which will be sold by our famous ‘Pretzel Girls’ who roam the beer hall wearing traditional Bavarian-style dirndls,” Mueller says.

Other popular menu items include the rather vast selection of sausages, as well as the brotzeitteller (a German cheese and meat board).

“With strong Eastern European roots and love of good beer, the new Hofbräuhaus embodies not only Bavarian heritage, but Cleveland’s too!”

While there is an original (and gigantic) Hofbräuhaus in Munich, the tradition was brought to the U.S. during the 20th century with the opening of a handful of domestic locations.

But, the location in Cleveland is certainly setting itself apart from its American counterparts.

The $8.4 million facility includes Cleveland’s gorgeous Hermit Club building, which was built more than 100 years ago and, put simply, just looks like it’s right out of Germany. Hofbräuhaus Cleveland will bring new life to the building while still maintaining the architectural integrity of the exquisite Tudor-style medieval design.

Beyond the design, the facility offers a gigantic 24,000-square-feet of entertainment space, which will make Cleveland home to the largest Hofbräuhaus in the United States outside of its sister location in Vegas.

So, ziggy-zaggy-ziggy-zaggy-oi-oi-oi your way over to Hofbräuhaus Cleveland Oct. 22 for their grand opening celebration, which, as you might expect, is anticipated to be the party of a lifetime.

Bring your friends, saunter up to a communal table, order a Moss of beer, meet new friends, dance a polka on top of the table and even get a photo with one of the Pretzel Girls. Just make sure to hashtag it #atHBcle.

For more information, visit www.hofbrauhauscleveland.com.

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