June 11, 2018

Where to Eat During FRONT International


This summer, Cleveland will become home to FRONT International, an incredible contemporary art exhibition spanning seven major institutions and more than 30 unusual spaces across Northeast Ohio.

So, besides feeling more artistic and intellectual after scoping days and days worth of this unique triennial, there's another feeling you'll most definitely experience - hunger. So, be sure to check out these artsy eats among many of FRONT's featured institutions and neighborhoods.

University Circle

University Circle, the heart and soul of Cleveland's arts and cultural attractions, also is a signature destination for FRONT, with expected installations and exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Case Western Reserve University and Glennville Arts Campus.

Thankfully, you've got several dining locales peeking out from in between historic cultural institutions.

Cleveland Clinic

Recognized as one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world, the Cleveland Clinic is obviously one of the best places to go for high-quality healthcare. But it's not all scrubs and lab coats.

During FRONT International, which will use Cleveland as the frame for this citywide exhibition of creativity, the Clinic will become an important venue for contemporary art. And, no worries, you're not going to find a swath of fast food fare on and around the campus. Instead, check out these artsy eats:

Downtown: Playhouse Square

Don't let the massive 20-foot-tall crystal chandelier hanging above the buzzing traffic along Euclid Avenue fool you; Playhouse Square is a happening spot for all things contemporary - including features from FRONT International this summer.

Sure this world-class theater district is home to several historic theaters simply dripping with opulence, but inside you'll find playbills laden with up-and-coming entertainment and contemporary theater productions (Hamilton, anyone?). Outside these institutions is a colorful array of nosh spots ranging from nouveau

French dining to a street-side burger joint.

Downtown: Civic Center & North Coast Harbor

From the lavish Beaux Arts buildings to the multitudes of modern open-air sculptures against the backdrop of Lake Erie, Downtown Cleveland is - in and of itself - a stunning work of art. Add in FRONT International this summer, and we're leveling-up the public arts scene.

In addition to the various building murals featured as part of the event, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center (William G. Mather Steamship), Cleveland Public Library and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland will play host to related exhibitions and installations.

And, if you're hungry, you've hit the jackpot. Downtown Cleveland has districts filled to the brim with incredible culinary delights. Here are some nearby places to start ...

Ohio City

Just across the Cuyahoga River, west of downtown, the city's yellow-bricked West Side Market has been home to haggle-friendly meat, seafood and veggie vendors for more than 100 years. Inside the Ohio City market you'd expect to find pig ears, chicken feet, fresh cheese and homemade bakery. What you probably wouldn't expect to find is contemporary art. Perhaps that's what makes this particular exhibition site for FRONT so appealing.

Lest we forget the food offerings lining West 25th Street and the surrounding neighborhood that offer everything from big, frothy IPAs to waffle cones brimming with colorful scoops of ice cream. Here are just a few:


Within Ohio City sits one of the coolest locations in Cleveland - the entrepreneurial arts district known as Hingetown (it "hinges" Ohio City and the Detroit Shoreway neighborhoods). It's here you'll find indie-owned coffee, tea and juice shops; quaint boutiques; a brewery; and two unique art galleries - SPACES and the Transformer Station. These two art spaces will serve as exhibition locations for FRONT's citywide programming.

But just a hop, skip and a jump from the exhibitions are great spots to sip and dine.

What's FRONT International?

Learn more about this multi-venue, summer-long exhibition of contemporary art happening across Northeast Ohio July 14-Sept. 30, 2018 here.

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