Free in CLE

April 24, 2017
Free in CLE

Free Things to Do In Cleveland 


Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Ne. Nein. Nothing. FREE.

That's the sweet, sweet price of admission to a multitude of Cleveland attractions.

So, save those pennies to spend on extra souvenirs and some late-night craft brews, because you're getting in free.

1. Cleveland Museum of Art
It's surprising to learn that a museum that contains a permanent collection boasting Picasso, Monet, van Gogh and Warhol would be completely free and open to the public. Then again, Cleveland's a pretty surprising place. Check out this internationally recognized museum in University Circle at zero charge to you.

2. Lake View Cemetery
Admittedly, going to a cemetery may not initially seem like a great idea. But Lake View Cemetery is different. This incredible place is filled with sculpture, architecture and tributes to those who made great contributions to the area's industrial and civic development like mogul John D. Rockefeller and inventor Garrett Morgan, as well as the tomb of U.S. President James A. Garfield.

3. Cleveland Metroparks
From hiking trails, picnic pavilions, beaches, playgrounds, fishing spots and swimming opportunities, the 23,000-acre "emerald necklace" surrounding the city is a priceless Cleveland gem. Literally, priceless: there is no price.

4. Cuyahoga Valley National Park
If you want to experience the majesty of natural waterfalls or take in the breathtaking sunset atop a valley overlook, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is calling your name. Good thing it's only about a 20- to 30-minute drive outside the city.

5. Free Summer Events
Having a great vacation and going broke are not synonymous. And, we'll prove it to you with these summertime events that showcase the best of Cleveland--all while offering free admission.

6. Cleveland Institute of Music
With many of its alumni working for some of the most prestigious orchestras and musical organizations in the world, the Cleveland Institute of Music has a student roster of future greats. You can hear them perform during live concerts in University Circle--most of which are free to the public.

7. Cleveland Institute of Art - Reinberger Galleries
The world-renowned educational institution offers free access to its Reinberger Galleries, which not only present work from faculty and students, but international artists, as well.

8. Transformer Station
Examine contemporary art from around the world that now finds a home in the Transformer Station, a historic substation that is an anchor destination in the rapidly evolving Ohio City neighborhood.

9. Cleveland Cultural Gardens & Rockefeller Greenhouse
Within a 1.5-mile stretch of land in University Circle are more than 30 individual gardens—complete with historical sculptures and unique horticulture—that signify a different culture or country represented in Cleveland. Each garden is marked by the country's national flag. Right behind the gardens sits the Rockefeller Greenhouse, which features a wide variety of exotic gardens, flowers and other plants.

10. Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland - Learning Center & Money Museum
Ever wondered how we bought things before money existed? And, who makes our money anyway? These questions and more are answered at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Learning Center and Money Museum.

Hey Clevelanders: We know there are a lot more free things to do in CLE and this list could be big. So, tell our visitors, what free stuff do you love to do here?

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