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June 24, 2014
Get Schooled

Get Schooled: Fishing, Boating, and Beaching in Cleveland

Here's a little trivia: Lake Erie is the 12th largest lake in the world and the shallowest, warmest and most biologically productive among all the Great Lakes.

Okay. So, besides winning a round at Trivia Night, what does that mean?

It means, a whole ‘lotta fish.

In fact, these water conditions allow Lake Erie to supply more fish for human consumption than all the other Great Lakes combined.

That being said, a Cleveland vacation during the summertime offers unique fishing opportunities - both on and off shore.

"I'm On A Boat"

Let's face it, the cost to buy, maintain and operate your own boat is pretty insane. So, unless you're an extreme fishing enthusiast (or a hip-hop record mogul), chances are you're probably not a boat captain.

Here's the good news: Cleveland is home to more than just a few avid fishing enthusiasts who - thankfully - offer fishing charters on Lake Erie.

So, why opt for a fishing charter?

1. You Get To Focus On Having Fun

Fishing charters provide groups of visitors the opportunity to just have a good time - without worrying about where the fish are biting or what makes the best bait. Captain Joe Takacs operates Eyes Ready Charters and has more than 20 years of fishing on Lake Erie. That means, you and your friends can focus on having a good time, while he'll worry about steering the boat and putting the fish in the cooler. 

2. Fishing Supplies Are Provided

Traveling to Cleveland with a hoard of fishing rods and tackle boxes isn't exactly realistic. Good thing there are charter boat companies like Head Boat Fishing Charters at Wildwood Marina, which offer bait, tackle, fishing licenses, rental rods and other on-board necessities. They even offer fish cleaning services, as well.

3. No Experience Is Necessary

It's totally okay that you don't know what you're doing. Thanks to charters like Trump Tight Fishing Charters, the captain and crew is there to teach you the techniques to do crazy things - like catch a trophy walleye or a line-busting steelhead trout. By the time the day's complete, you'll have the know-how to make it happen again and again.

Land Lubber Fishing (And Beaching, Too!)

Maybe boats aren't your thing. But, thanks to Lake Erie and a series of beautiful park systems, Cleveland offers some pretty incredible on-shore fishing opportunities - along with an unexpected array of gorgeous lakefront beaches.


The Cleveland Metroparks Huntington Reservation, located just a bit west of downtown Cleveland, offers a pretty cool respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The reservation offers a swimming beach, picnic areas and stunning views of Lake Erie. Along the breakwalls, fishing is a popular activity. So, bring your swimsuit and make a day of it.

Then, of course, there's the Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Park Reservation, which offers fishing areas at the East 55th Marina and Gordon Park. Located just a stone's throw from downtown Cleveland is the 1,200-foot pier near Edgewater Beach. On top of just fishing, visitors enjoy an incredible white-sand beach, acres of open greenspace, picnic areas and some pretty cool events like Edgewater Live happy hour.

West of Cleveland

Known as the "Walleye Fishing Destination of the World," Kelleys Island State Park, is a hugely popular fishing location. Kelleys Island is just that - an island. Located in Lake Erie, the island is only accessible by ferryboat and is a popular resort-like destination town during the summertime. Public fishing areas at the state park are especially popular, as is camping, swimming, kayaking and picnicking. Kelleys is truly a vacation within a vacation.

For more fishing ideas west of Cleveland, visit Lake Erie Shores & Islands.

East of Cleveland

Head east on I-90 to experience Headlands Beach State Park in Lake County. As the longest natural beach along Lake Erie, Headlands is a haven for active beachgoers (think: beach volleyball, Frisbee, cookouts, etc.), but also offers a large federal breakwall with some really incredible fishing opportunities.

Lake County offers a bounty of fishing opportunities. Check them out.


If paddleboarding, jet skiing and kayaking are more your speed, check out these opportunities.

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