Ethnic Food

May 8, 2014
Ethnic Food

From Polish Pierogi to Bún bò Hu?: Cleveland's Rich Culture Defines Its Tastes

Did you know Cleveland is home to 117 different cultures? We have a bonanza of ethnic restaurants which cover the gamut from trendy reinterpretations, to strip mall holes-in-the-wall, to one-of-a-kind landmarks that haven't changed much since the 1920s.

For pierogies, chicken paprikash, cabbage rolls, and other Eastern European goodies, grab a tray and slide down the cafeteria line at homey Sokolowski's.

As you'd expect, Cleveland's Little Italy features numerous Italian restaurants and bakeries.  Park once and eat lots.  The AsiaTown neighborhood specializes in dim sum and other Chinese specialties, bowls of slurpy pho, and Korean barbecue and bulgogi.

The Tremont neighborhood is a hodgepodge of ethnic restaurants. All kinds of immigrants, including Eastern Europeans, Greeks, Poles and African-Americans, have settled here since the mid-1800s, drawn by the neighborhood's proximity to steel mills and downtown. Here, you'll find Italian at Dante, sushi at Parallax, tacos at Barrio, Thai at Ty Fun and Turkish at Istanbul Grill.

Cleveland's share of Latin American restaurants is on the upswing, with modern Mexican at Momocho and Orale, for example, along with tamales at El Carnicero, arepas at Barroco Grill, pupusas at Pupuseria La Bendicion, and rum-glazed Cuban pork at Paladar Latin Kitchen.

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