Duck Tape Festival

May 8, 2015
Duck Tape Festival

An Entire Festival Dedicated to Duct Tape? Only in Cleveland.

It's the savior to your latest DIY failure. It holds broken taillights to car frames. It's the reason Christmas lights hang so tentatively from rooftops. It makes a durable textbook cover. And, you can even use it to make one heck of a prom dress.

No, it's not magic. It's duct tape.

And, lucky for you, there's a whole festival devoted to the sticky stuff in Cleveland June 19 - 21.

The city of Avon, located roughly 25 miles west of downtown Cleveland, is not only a great place to raise a family, it's also the duct tape capitol of the world. More specifically, the suburb is home to Shurtech Brands, the makers of Duck Brand duct tape.

So, it's only fitting that during the Avon Heritage Festival that duct tape would take center stage. And, trust me when I say you haven't seen anything yet.

The centerpiece of the Duck Tape Festival, which draws in excess of 50,000 people over the entire weekend, is the Duck Tape Parade on Saturday, June 20 at 10am.

Sure, you'll be able to see a handful of the typical parade-walking local politicians and area music groups, but you'll also be witness to dozens and dozens of floats made entirely of duck tape.

These floats are then judged and the winner receives a cash prize. Previous winners have created a massive seven-foot-tall E.T. statue designed from duct tape, as well as a rocket ship and solar system.

As you also might imagine, the Duck Tape Festival Fashion Show Contest is also a hit with festivalgoers. This is where you can watch self-proclaimed duct tape fashion designers model their hand-made garments and accessories made entirely of duct tape.

In previous years, designers made everything from duct tape evening gowns to tuxedos, which really give some substance to Tim Gunn's favorite line, "Make it work!" Winners are chosen based on the ratings by judges, as well as through audience participation.

Everywhere you look at the Duck Tape Festival, you'll come face-to-face with duct tape statues and creations like a huge, life-size elephant. Other popular activities include the various duct tape crafts, which can be made by children of all ages.  You can make everything from a duct tape wallet to duct tape hair ribbons.

On top of all the duct tape devotion, the festival features good old-fashioned merrymaking complete with live music, roaming entertainment, games, amusement rides, fair food and a beer garden.

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