Drive like a Boss

September 27, 2016
Drive like a Boss

Boss Pro-Karting is the place to be if you've got a need for speed.


Boss Pro-Karting, located minutes from Cleveland Hopkins airport in Brook Park, is quite the all around experience. Besides kart racing, the location offers flexible meeting spaces with plenty of local catering options, private party packages, out-of-the-box team building-opportunities and events.

It's more than your average race track. Karts aren't driven in a loop; instead there are challenging twists and turns. Your lap speed and skill is tracked and displayed so that you can compete with others in your group, and a mobile app let's you study the track to plan out your strategy.

Love speed? Good, because the karts are said to be the "Ferrari of go-karts." They are battery operated (so they aren't noisy and the place doesn't reek of gas). Each race lasts seven minutes, which may sound like a short amount of time, but take our word for it: seven minutes feels way longer as your arms start to feel the workout from navigating the track.

The karts reach a maximum speed of 35 mph, but everyone is encouraged to take things at their own pace. Turning around sharp corners requires a lot of upper body work and you'll have to brake every now and then to be able to stay on the track. Speaking of staying on track, the karts and the track edges are lined with bumpers--so don't panic if you miss your turn!

Driving one of these karts around the track provides an insane adrenaline rush. Add an extra bit of thrill to your visit by steering your group to Boss Pro-Karting.

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