Drink Local

July 20, 2015
Drink Local

Cheers to the latest batch of Cleveland-crafted brews and spirits

By Chris Crowell, Photo by Cody York

Cleveland doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does mean business when it comes to our local adult beverages. Looking for something that’s truly Cleveland to get your night rolling? Check out these great spots for spirits and brews.

Cleveland Whiskey

An innovation in a bottle, as owner Tom Lix has condensed the bourbon aging process to just one week. Cleveland Whiskey is 100 proof with a strong, but not overly sweet, malt and oak flavor. It has snobby detractors, but such is life in Cleveland. Try for yourself.

Portside Distillery

Cleveland’s first distillery since Prohibition, specializes in rum and craft beers. The award-winning Vanilla Maple Rum blends in pure Northeast Ohio maple syrup and Madagascar vanilla beans. The Silver Rum, distilled from 100 percent cane sugar, also has a hopped version. The tasting room features 14 tap handles, six of which pour from nearby bright tanks.

Butcher and the Brewer

Grab a seat anywhere (it’s community seating), order a couple small, sharable plates of cured, cultured, or shucked meats prepared by the in-house butcher and charcutier, and, of course, complement it all with one of 10 hand-crafted beers — from the American-style Bravo Company session IPA to the Fall and Oats Belgian oatmeal stout.

Hofbräuhaus Cleveland

The beer at the Hofbräuhaus Cleveland is based on traditional German recipes handed down over 400 years ago by the Duke of Bavaria. The Duke must have enjoyed a good party, too, because the atmosphere inside and outside in the biergarten is always lively. Be sure to tip the wait staff extra for having to wear lederhosen and listen to polka music all day.

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