November 14, 2014


CLEVELAND (Nov. 14, 2014) - This week Destination Cleveland (formerly Positively Cleveland), the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Greater Cleveland, installed the first phase of Downtown Cleveland's new wayfinding system. The first phase consists of three large pedestrian wayfinding signs along Euclid Ave., from Tower City Center to E. 4th St. and a fourth, smaller sign at Prospect Ave. and E. 4th St. Each sign features a map of Downtown Cleveland and the larger signs also contain a map of Cleveland's neighborhoods.

The signs feature "heads-up" mapping, which indicates the landmarks and attractions directly in front of the pedestrian, and a five-minute walking radius, which inspires discovery of the surrounding area and attractions. The exploration of other Cleveland neighborhoods is encouraged with the inclusion of frequent transit routes on each sign.

"We've done a great job as a community to strengthen Cleveland as a destination by implementing nearly $3 billion in visitor-related development," said David Gilbert, President and CEO, Destination Cleveland. "It is equally important that we now invest in enhancing the visitor experience by better connecting these assets."

The new wayfinding system also introduces a new, consistent naming system for Cleveland's neighborhoods and districts. Utilizing an agreed set of names is the foundation of a holistic system that builds credibility in the minds of visitors and provides a seamless journey from place to place. Beginning in 2015, the neighborhood and district names will be used consistently by Destination Cleveland in all wayfinding and marketing collateral produced by the CVB.

The wayfinding prototype is one piece of the Seamless Cleveland: A Wayfinding Master Plan released earlier this year in partnership with Applied Wayfinding. The Master Plan recommends a comprehensive approach to wayfinding that crosses neighborhood and city boundaries and delivers information in a variety of ways including pedestrian signage, websites, walking maps, digital devices and more. The need for a plan to better connect Cleveland's world-class neighborhoods and attractions was one of six primary outcomes of the 2011 Travel and Tourism Summit hosted by Destination Cleveland, which defined the city's destination development priorities for 2012 through 2015.

Local residents and stakeholders who engage with the prototype will be asked for feedback regarding its usefulness. Significant changes crucial to the sign's efficiency and accuracy will be incorporated into the systems before the complete Downtown rollout in spring of 2015, which will include at least 50 additional signs.

Both the prototype signs and the naming system are the culmination of extensive collaboration with over 200 community stakeholders including strategic support from Cleveland's City Planning Commission, Cleveland's Department of Community Development, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, neighborhood community development corporations and many other partners.


ABOUT DESTINATION CLEVELAND: Destination Cleveland (formerly Positively Cleveland) is Cleveland's Convention and Visitors Bureau. This private non-profit organization's mission is to drive economic impact and stimulate community vitality for Greater Cleveland through leisure and business travel. Cleveland welcomes more than 16 million visitors annually. For more information, visit

Jennifer Kramer, Destination Cleveland

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