Cleveland Beerfest

November 28, 2017
Cleveland Beerfest

A gathering of world class brews


Clevelanders love their beer. CLE is routinely mentioned as one of the best beer cities around with literally dozens of breweries creating award-winning craft beverages every single day. We even have an entire week dedicated to celebrating those oh-so-good combinations of barley and hops.

Sure, you can actively plan a vacation around discovering new breweries, but there is no better situation than when all of those beers come to you in one place. That, in a nutshell, is exactly what Cleveland Beerfest is. On Jan. 26-27, more than 120 breweries from around the country will gather at The Huntington Convention Center in Downtown Cleveland, bringing with them countless varieties of ales, stouts, lagers and every other beer style imaginable. This is the perfect time to come discover the greatness of the Cleveland beer scene while also learning about breweries from across the U.S.

Cleveland Beerfest features live music, food trucks and ciders, and best of all, proceeds from ticket purchases go toward Animal Rescue Partners, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting numerous animal rescues, pet adoption groups, and community spay/neuter programs in the Cleveland area and beyond. Enjoy your brews while knowing that you're helping out some (obviously) adorable kitties and pups.

Take a peek at the 2017 list of beers to get an idea of which (and how many) breweries will be in attendance. Local faves from Cleveland include Butcher and the Brewer, Platform Brewery and Market Garden Brewery. A few out-of-towners you won't want to miss include Mad Tree (Cincinnati, OH), Founders (Grand Rapids, MI), 5 Rabbit (Bedford Park, IL) and Maui Brewing Company (all the way from Hawaii).

Cleveland Beerfest offers a great opportunity to sample new styles of beer you may have shied away from trying because you had no idea what it was. Always been curious about sour beers or that funky peanut butter cup porter? This is the chance to see if they're perfect for your palate after all.

One of the best things about Cleveland Beerfest is the ability to chat with the actual brewers. You can learn about the flavors they put into the brews, and who better to offer you suggestions than the experts? If you're new to the world of craft beer, this is the best way to discover flavors and styles you'll love.

Tickets to the event include 25 sample tickets, a souvenir mug and access to the show floor. The Beerfest website even has hotel packages available and discounted tickets for designated drivers. If you don't have a designated driver, please, please, PLEASE use Lyft or Uber for your travel arrangements to ensure as safe and incredible evening.

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