Cedar Point’s Brew & BBQ

June 29, 2018

Beer + Barbeque + Roller Coasters = Perfect


Question: What's better than riding Steel Vengeance, the world's first steel-on-wood hybrid roller coaster standing over 200 feet tall?

Answer: Riding Steel Vengeance AND washing down some serious barbeque with a few frosty suds at Cedar Point amusement park.

Brew & BBQ

Now through July 1, get to Cedar Point's Brew and BBQ, an in-park food fest featuring nearly a dozen offerings of four distinct styles of barbeque (Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis and Texas), as well as 100 different kinds of beers from more than 40 breweries.

Event tickets will get you 15 tastings of items like smoked brisket with smashed pork rind and loaded mac & cheese with pulled pork and bacon.

On top of that, Brew and BBQ comes alive with bluegrass bands in the park's bustling Frontier Town, which celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Need a little adrenaline boost to work up that appetite? Join the crowd. Good thing Cedar Point is the proclaimed "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" featuring 18 insane roller coasters including Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick.

So, make way for the biggest, tallest and fastest scream machines in the nation - just 60 miles west of Downtown Cleveland.

If you're feeling especially bold, consider an overnight stay at one of Cedar Point's recently (and massively) renovated accommodations like Hotel Breakers, which overlooks the gleaming expanse of Lake Erie.

And, for those interested in saving cash, Cedar Point offers Brew and BBQ ticket packages. It'll ensure you've got some leftover dough for a Fast Lane Pass - because who wants to wait in line?

Learn more here.

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