Bar Bites

October 5, 2015
Bar Bites

Cleveland is taking pub grub to new heights

By Jason Q. Freed

Looking for a place to grab some tasty small plates while sipping on the finest drinks the city offers? Cleveland takes its "bar food" seriously. Check out the highlights below and let us know your favorites in the comments section.

Bar Cento

The crew in the kitchen at Ohio City's Bar Cento are bored with regular. Why make plain, old, pedestrian French fries when you can toss them in duck fat with whole garlic cloves and then serve them with delicious dipping sauces? Simply called the Pommes Frites, they are edible gold.

Greenhouse Tavern

I'll bet you've described a particularly pleasant dish by saying, the meat just fell off the bone. Well, once you've had the Crispy Chicken Wings Confit at the Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th St., you'll never use that descriptor again. Fried in duck fat and rubbed in jalapeño, lemon, scallion, and garlic, these are Cleveland chicken wings (sorry Buffalo).

Tremont Taphouse

You might think nachos are ballgame fare. But there are nachos ... and then there are the Pork Belly Nachos at the Tremont Taphouse. We're in a different ballpark here. These tortilla chips are smothered in habanero jack queso, black beans, pickled jalapeños, red onion, and topped with the tastiest part of the pig. Keep this appetizer for yourself.

Merwin's Wharf

If hot and appetizing is your quest, head to Merwin's Wharf on the Cuyahoga River for the jalapeño and chorizo-stuffed Wharf Grenades. These bacon-wrapped, bite-sized treats set themselves apart from standard bar fare with just the perfect amount of heat. In fact, these bar bites are quickly becoming a signature dish of the recently renovated Flats district.

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