Al Roker Rocks A Cleveland Playlist

April 8, 2016
Al Roker

Famed TV Weatherman Celebrates CLE Through Spotify Playlist

Lexi Hotchkiss
Image by Cody York

Nary a TV meteorologist can boast the kind of cred that’s been earned by the one and only Al Roker. Sure, he’s America’s perennial weatherman, always there to walk us through low pressure systems, warm fronts, blizzards, heat waves, sunny days and the like. But he’s also a New York Times bestselling author and the CEO of Al Roker Entertainment, Inc., a multimedia company.

He also got his start with NBC right here in Cleveland.

The TV weatherman spent the formative years of his broadcast career right here in the 216 from 1978 to 1983 on Cleveland’s WKYC-TV. Check it out in all of its early 80's glory.

Recently, Al made a return trip to CLE. During his less-than-a-day visit, he was tasked with energizing the city’s tourism partners in anticipation of the Republican National Convention this July.

For most of us, a short trip like this would be pretty nerve-wracking. For Al, though, it’s no biggie. He frequently does quick, in-and-out trips in which he flies to a destination, does a TV segment and then leaves.

“Lately, I’ve used music to more fully connect with my destinations, so when I knew I was coming to Cleveland – one of the early stops in my broadcasting career – I thought I’d see if I could connect to Cleveland through its rich musical history.”

Did we mention he’s a big-time music lover? [Ditto, Al.]

Al took to Spotify where he’s already an early adopter of the music streaming service and created “Destination: Cleveland.” This 24-song playlist celebrates the city where rock and roll took shape – from bands that hail from CLE to musicians who just like singing about it.

Check out Al's musical homage to Cleveland here.

“I really like the songs about Cleveland….the track by Jewel, Huey Lewis and, of course, Ian Hunter. I mean who doesn’t love Cleveland Rocks?!” he laughed. “The guilty pleasure for me though was Looking For A Love by Bobby Womack. I love hearing that again!”

For those who like the hometown heroes, there’s Guns N Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine (Gilby Clarke), The James Gang Funk #49, Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason, and more.

“I have to say, I’m quite happy with this playlist. I play it often,” he said.

And, as for his trip back to Cleveland? It was a winner.

During his keynote address, Al remarked: “Once you are adopted by the City of Cleveland, you never let go.”

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