5 Fall Beers to Try

September 11, 2018

Tastes Like Autumn in The Land

Call me basic or call me a nostalgic Cleveland homer, but for my money there is no greater place on earth than Northeast Ohio in autumn. We've got fall foliage for days, endless pumpkin patches and orchards full of apples just waiting to be put into pies, ciders and fritters. Cleveland also happens to be one of the best beer cities in the country, and in the fall we've got a bountiful harvest - nay, a cornucopia - of amazing ways to toast the best time of year (I will not apologize for this sentence).

Great Lakes Brewing Co.: Oktoberfest

Image © Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Guten tag, autumn! We'll start with perhaps Cleveland's most well known brewery. They're popular for their Christmas Ale, but for my money this toffee-flavored beauty is the best beer they make. Pairs well with a plate of German food and college football.

Market Garden Brewery: Old Zahm Oktoberfest

Image © Market Garden Brewery

Old Zahm is another great take on the classic Oktoberfest recipe. It's bursting with toasted malty flavor that's perfect for early evenings on West 25th Street. It pairs well with the restaurant's pork schnitzel sandwich and is a good fall pro

Platform Beer Co.: Yammy Yammy

Image © Platform Beer Co.

Platform has been around for about four years, and they've already risen to the top of the Cleveland beer world thanks to their innovative takes on classic recipes. And, their Yammy Yammy is a perfect example of such. While everyone else is making pumpkin ales, Platform zagged and made their fall beer with roasted sweet potatoes and cinnamon. Game, set, match.

Thirsty Dog Brewing: Barktoberfest

Get it? Because it's pup-themed!All puns aside, Thirsty Dog is one of the best breweries in Northeast Ohio (and that's saying something). This traditional old-world German Oktoberfest is a classic staple in our fridge and bars. At the Thirsty Dog brewpub in the Flats East Bank, pair a Barktoberfest with their pulled pork on a pretzel bun and some autumnal views of the Cuyahoga River.

Fat Head's: Spooky Tooth Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Spooky Tooth is pumpkin pie in a glass, without the mess. Rich and creamy with notes of brown sugar, this beer will warm you inside and out with its 9% ABV. Pairs well with a big plate of turkey and a couch, because that 9% brings on the sleepies...

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